Fanart / Quaxly from Pokemon Scarlet Violet + timelapse!

Little timelapse!

I drew this when Quaxly was first revealed and finally got around to finishing this :’)

If I was still a Pokemon player, I would pick Quaxly 💙✨

As you may know I’m not much of a Pokemon fan anymore and I’m not interested in playing the games ;P

I’ll watch someone play this game in the background when it comes out though.

I like this starter the most because they’re a cool, stylish duck!

Little personal and health update final part (for now)

I know I vented about the doctor last time but I feel like I won’t change doctors unless I’m bothered going further out to find a doctor without the awkward language barrier. I’ll just settle for now since I’m lazy and don’t have the energy at this point.

Homebody Leonie is tuckered out going out and about from all these tests :’)

One scan did find something but it’s benign (but causes me pain) and not a tumour/cancer. And the other two cancer tests are fine too. So much relief! :’)

And I got told I need to get steak sized beef twice a week for my iron deficiency anemia?? Being told I have malnutrition, hair loss (if this is true I hope my hair grows back? Otherwise I need to watch my sleep, health and stress), constant brain fog and low energy if I don’t have iron in my diet – this is hard since I’m not a regular red meat eater.

Digressing, currently striving to have more beef in my week!

Overall I’m glad and relieved that I’m generally healthy, aside from the above!

I’m not feeling any drastic changes yet in terms of my generally low energy levels and at this point I don’t know any different. Maybe I won’t be a zombie a lot of the time one day :<

I’m going to be tested in 3 months to see if my iron levels are better or not. Nooo not another blood test!! :0

Debt and life things

Continuing to be frugal since my wallet has taken multiple hits and one huge/painful hit in general as I’m trying to get rid of my university/tertiary debt. I’m not there yet and from here I have to wait another couple of years before I feel like I’ve saved enough to get rid of all the debt. I know I can just leave it but the debt will keep inflating with interest each year!! That stresses me out!

It’s been up to 13 years with this debt + inflation from my 3 tertiary courses and I still haven’t gotten rid of it because 3 courses (one of which is a double degree) adds up to a lot, a lot of the time I was struggling and unemployed, was/am trying to get by and stuck to the safe side, the entertainment/gaming industry is volatile (fear of being made redundant is always at the back of my mind since I’ve experienced it times before) and I’m stuck in the feast or famine/poor freelance artist lifestyle.

So I hope that in the coming years I can get rid of this debt once and for all and I can still keep on living by financially. Trying to not stress about the uncertain, scary future :’)

I’ve also been moody, grumpy, stressed and tense lately from the day to day and health things (and someone’s coming in to do maintenance soon so my space is terribly cramped now to make room for it ahhhh). Things are a mess!! Trying to keep warm in a 11-15 degrees Celsius environment! Can’t do much watercolour homework at the moment. Changing my routine a bit too because I’m a sluggish zombie in the mornings :<

Trying to not stress too much about life things.

So just trying to get by, like everyone else.

Keep on struggling/walking forward :’)

Been skimming and watching trailers from the game showcases and it’s overwhelming and draining seeing so many at once. Trying to not let the bad side of the gaming industry and my jadedness influence my perception too much. I guess there’s a lot of horror, sci-fi/space, gardening, farming, cooking, shooting, witches, animal character based games. Some are super arty and/or unique! Interested in watching someone else play some of these games!

I am looking forward to whenever the Nintendo Direct is coming while keeping expectations low ;P

Anyhoo I’m just rambling here to put some of my worries into perspective.

Random reassurance and reminder for the day:

please take care and treat yourself when you get over a difficult hump/hurdle!