SuperLeonieMode 350 / Quiet & head empty + timelapse!

Little timelapse!

Goodness it’s so saturated!! Past Leonie, what did you do haha

SuperLeonieMode: most people aren’t comfortable when you speak with a deadpan face :’)

I don’t really enjoy being socially alert/aware for too long because it gets draining. I’m not sure if it matters whether I’m there when I’m often an observer than participant. I prefer to take the time to think, process and type things out.

And when I do speak in the moment, it’s an incomprehensible, impromptu, jumbled mess. Verbal communication skills out of practice? It’s probably because my thoughts haven’t really processed yet and I’m not thinking of anything in particular :’)

Oh no does that mean I am absentminded, socially oblivious, sensitive and slow?! Dun dun dun!!! I think I have been told that I seem “too cool” on the outside to interact with. Or rude. Or not expressive, reassuring and responsive with feedback as they would have liked.

Anyhoo, I’m just taking things in, being non verbal, zoning out, asocial, day dreaming, conserving energy, processing and doing my own thing. Living in my own head mostly.

Autistic Leonie things ;P