SuperLeonieMode 349 / When people think you’re a spooky ghost + timelapse!

Little timelapse!

SuperLeonieMode: I wasn’t even trying to be stealthy

People don’t think I exist?! I usually don’t react and move on ;P

Sometimes I do feel like I’m really not noticeable, boring and invisible when I don’t speak :’)

But I understand that we’re all the centre of our own worlds and for others I’m usually just a background character. It’s not about me. I just make sure I make noise so I don’t get called non human again.

Yeah I was annoyed enough to make this comic last year ;P

Little update ramble

Currently I’m recovering from last week’s intense bout of working. I am also testing another way and flexible routine of making and learning art less daunting and manageable for a distractible brain like mine. It looks super promising but it’s too early to say if it’s working well when I’ve just started and how I have to accept that things won’t be perfect. I might talk about if after a few months or something when I’ve refined it better.

And I’m generally tired :’)

Also happy love day, every day!

Don’t really like nor care for Valentine’s day as (all kinds of romantic, familial, platonic, self, compassionate, etc) love shouldn’t be about forcing expectations, social pressure, spending money, gifting things and performing it just for a day.

I do wonder what real life romantic stuff is like when a genuine, emotional, trusting, compatible companionship is established 😛 Then again I get super uncomfortable, on guard, paralysed, rambly, oblivious, robotic, doubtful, in high alert, unsafe, flighty, awkward and/or alien with flirting, romantic/sexual tension and the like (to my limited and terrible social awareness and experience).

I feel more comfortable with romantic fiction :’)

Digressing. Reach out to people, your friends and/or loved ones for some quality company and conversation! Enjoy some sweet, affectionate, cosy, kind self care every now and again!

Or be part of the happy lonely hearts club. It’s okay :’)