SuperLeonieMode 337 / Empty + timelapse!

Little timelapse!

SuperLeonieMode: No thoughts, head empty

Here we go again. Being a low energy blob.

Going through the daily routine in auto pilot. And zoning out a lot.

Taking the time to process and reflect about things if it pops up.

When your soul leaves your body, perhaps into the darkest depths of the mind ocean. Or it’s hovering and wandering off nearby. Lost in unconscious and conscious hazy streams of thought – some stay for a bit while many disappear once you try to hold onto them.

Sometimes you feel like an empty husk as your mind does its own thing. Or the mind doesn’t want to do or think about anything because it’s exhausted.

When you don’t know what you’re looking forward to but you’re just existing and making the most with what you have. Low level and constant state of hopelessness, resignation/acceptance, indifference, existentialism, confused uncertainty, loneliness and fatigue.

Safe in the cosy, comfort zone and the mundane. Keeping yourself busy and distracted with present, comforting, challenging, entertaining, fulfilling or productive things helps sometimes.

Maybe I’m describing my own weird way of mediation as I let my mind wander and living in my own brain too much :’)

Anyhoo! Let’s take this week slowly in stride.