SuperLeonieMode 353 / Ready for the Crossy Road theme park 🏞️🎒 [Crossy Road+ just got released] + timelapse! πŸ“πŸ¦†βœ¨

Here’s the trailer!

It’s Crossy Road reimagined with a theme park context so we looked at lots of theme park references :0

Two minute timelapse!

I was part of the initial concept stages, initial environment passes, some more concepting and some environment pieces as an art helper. Drawing out early theme park map iterations was definitely a challenging, overwhelming puzzle and I made things too complicated :’)

In terms of the artist side of things, Ashleigh (the art boss + heavy art lifting) took care a lot of the art making, finalising the environment/map and art direction + Ryan’s FX, technical art and animation knowledge! Both did super great in bringing art & animation things to completion plus much kudos and congrats on the whole development team for their hard work!

A little tribute doodle for the Crossy Road+ release!

I’m just holding non-existent Crossy Road merch haha ;D

Hey when you go to theme parks, there’s a huge variety of soft toysss!!

I hope you have a cosy, low stress Friday and weekend (: