Fanart / Wah [Ninomae Ina’nis from hololiveEN]

It’s Ina! ;D

She was a struggle to draw for me personally. It was a fun, time consuming challenge though.

You’ll see when I post the timelapse for this one later on :’)

I missed the Ina Birthday giftart time window since I’m doing what I can at my own pace around work, life, learning, recreation and other things. Whoops! I’m late!

I don’t really watch her streams but I did watch a few minutes of her normal streams just to get an idea of her cute artist outfit rather than her main one. I like this costume much better because it suits her personality (based on what little I’ve seen) and her incredible illustration skills! She is so masterful and intentional with her lines and rendering :0!!

I don’t watch any Vtubers but I’m still amazed at how there’s so many and how a small handful succeed (at streaming, singing, with a personality/entertaining gimmick or doing it just for fun/anonymity) :0

On posting to twitter and sketches of the day (Leonie rambles, adjusts & overthinks how she does things)

And yes I’m behind on my “sketch of the day” prompts but I’m not anxious about it. I will keep doing them when able. I can’t at the moment because these Ina illustrations and other shenanigans are/have been taking over my weekend and are much more time consuming!

I’ll just go along at my own pace and pick out prompts I like or want to challenge myself with. Doing what I can in the time and headspace I do have.

Juggling and managing my toxic productivity since sometimes I sacrifice sleep and get sleep deprived. I do set aside time to just chill, watch things and play a game though :’)

My current twitter plan since my last ramble about how twitter affects my mental health here

When I’m able to do them again I’ll pick and tweet more favourite sketch prompts as I publish them, instead of waiting for a month later (I don’t want to worry about scheduling it)!

I’ll stick to the original plan for the rest of the sketches and timelapses by not tweeting them and keeping it here ;P

I can post more of them especially because I don’t view my twitter notifications anymore and I post to a small handful of other places anyway! Twitter shouldn’t be too different in terms of notifying people about my work/art/posts – it’s just more curated towards more finished pieces and stuff I’m happy with.

I only see my twitter mentions and it definitely helps tremendously with my sensitive performance anxiety, feelings of overwhelm, obsession and comparing metrics, feeling not seen and stressing over rejection/being ignored from people I know! It’s great to be ignorant about metrics altogether; out of sight and mostly out of mind. I actually feel slightly more relieved, less stressed and can better emotionally distance myself when I don’t know and don’t check! I can let go of the worry about “social media results” and more on whether much people read, view or comment at my blog or not. All I check now are other places and vague blog viewer counts (I don’t go deep into analytics/location or anything) so I have low expectations :’)

You may argue why don’t I just update about every blog post, now that metrics aren’t a huge concern? Why can’t I show everything on twitter? Well I do want to keep this blog special and I don’t want to engage too much on twitter! Plus there’s more leeway for me to ramble, show mistakes, messy practice, doodles & studies here through my sketchposts and sketches of the day rather than twitter. And blog links in tweets have less exposure overall so I don’t know if I should bother linking them on twitter. I’ll delay posting blog links instead :/

Finally not much people are signed up for my email updates so I needed to accept, swallow my pride with what I said previously, iterate and adjust a bit if I want to reach more people with my art. Getting people to sign up for rss weekly emails without a “free gift” is difficult.

So thank you for the small handful of you who are part of my little mailing list! You’d still get all blog updates that also includes all my embarrassing messy work and studies! And you don’t have to depend on social media places like twitter ;D

I’ll keep iterating how I create and post things as usual as I try to balance what I post to twitter (if I like a piece I did and to remind people that me, my work and my blog exist) and what I want to keep here (for me to document my messy learning journey, rambles, studies, mistakes and experiments + to keep this blog special ;P ). Striving to work, learn, experiment and play at my own slow turtle pace.

Anyhoo, thank you for your time, for witnessing my thought process behind these little behind the scene things and for coming by to my little online home!

Please have a cosy, low stress day and week ahead!