SuperLeonieMode 328 / Happy Bilby Day! [Crossy Road’s 2021 Easter update]!

Super rough sketch :0

“I’m just here for the bilby and moderate amounts of yummy food & chocolates” look ;D

SuperLeonieMode 328 / Happy Bilby Day for Crossy Road’s Easter 2021 update! 🎉🐰🐇🌼🍫

Art to celebrate Crossy Road’s Easter 2021 update! I helped out with the new Easter Bilby and Too Much Candy characters plus the new chocolate logs as the artist for the game :0

I don’t celebrate easter but I appreciate the cheaper chocolate during/afterwards ;D

And of course the classic Willy Wonka movie comes to mind with the chocolate rivers :0!!

Thank you for reading!

I’ll be taking next week off from posting (it’s over 2 months already) while I’ll be busy working, learning, life and building up my buffer as usual! Juggling and how I need to sleep better :’)

Catch you around next time, let’s do our best and stay safe, kind and well! (:

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