Illustration / Steve Welz portrait commission!

Portrait illustration commission for Steve Welz! [his twitter] 🎮

It’s been ages! I did fanart here in 2014 and worked with Steve on a marketing illustration for his game GunBlocks. He loves it and called it “amazing”, “quick and proper work“, haha thank you!

Thank you and for commissioning me Steve for your social media avatar! (:

What’s weird is that last year I was shown Nick Robinson’s The mission to save Nintendo’s forgotten mascot and discovered Steve was one of the developers (his real face is also in the video so you can reference his likeness if you want)! From Nick’s video, I learned about the xmas flash game Mission in Snowdriftland that was used to advertise Nintendo games years ago. It features a snow mascot called Chubby and they are planning to put out a remaster on steam.

Please note that I don’t usually do portrait commissions of real people so consider this a random exception on a whim!

Digressing, I need more sleep! :’) \

Here’s some Louie Zong someday (some tunes)~!

Thank you so much for reading this little post and all the best to you! (:

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