SuperLeonieMode 320 / Poopin’ Rice thieves

SuperLeonieMode 320: Poopin’ rice thieves

So there’s rats around my home 😓🍚🐀🐀🐀

They left oily black grime around the hole they created to steal rice and pooped everywhere in our storage room. Can’t eat the rice from that bag anymore 🙁

Saturday was the first time I ever saw the rats but we did hear mysterious scattering feet noises a week or so before (and perhaps even earlier but we don’t remember). At most we saw 3 but we don’t know how many there actually are. Don’t know how they got there but attempts to catch them were made.

So far they ate food for free and are too cautious and smart to be caught. Causing us great grief and anxiety all weekend and week about them coming into our living spaces :<

A contract ended abruptly so I’ll be back into another dry freelance period soon but at least I have some breathing room to recover at my own pace. Currently I’m too exhausted and don’t have the time to do sketchbook posts for these two weeks so I’ll give you this little SLM comic instead on what happened over the weekend :’)

Thanks for reading and please take care of your mental health during these busy and stressful times! Goodness it’s November now!

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