SuperLeonieMode 319 / Coffee and tea with crossy Chicken and me [Crossy Road At Home update]!

And I ramble about being a homebody ;D

Initial sketch: where I’m working and arting at my natural hermit habitat! I don’t actually have all of this fancy stuff with plants though haha

Final sketch: scaling down the scope so we’re just focusing on enjoying our warm beverages at home (:

SuperLeonieMode 319: Coffee and Tea with Crossy Chicken and me [Crossy Road] ☕️🍵💗✨

Many kudos to the Hipster Whale team for putting together this Crossy Road update and thanks for having me help out with all the art again! It’s been out since last month at the Apple store and it’s out on Google play since last Thursday! (:

As an introverted, isolated homebody most of my life, it feels apt that I did the character and environment voxel art for this update ;D

There’s 8 indoor silly characters too! Check the update out if it’s your cup of beverage! ;D I looked at a lot of cosy interior homes, furniture, vaccums, bathtubs and whatnot when making this update!

Anyhoo I did this comic several months ago but I waited until it’s public and I have my own blog schedule to keep haha

Crossy Road zoom call meetings!

Marketing image I put together! 😀 I know zoom is a common thing in companies, classes and catch ups but I don’t really use zoom much unless I have to attend and contribute to one (or I’m just listening) haha

Reflecting on how I’m used to working from home as a hermit

The Victorian lockdown(s) and quarantine this year has/have made many things difficult so I’m really glad restrictions are being lifted in small steps (zero case donuts!) because most people were understandably miserable, struggling and couldn’t see family. I really hope things continue getting better in time without rushing the process and if we keep being safe, mindful and careful with social distancing and health precautions. After all this I do hope things are more friendly, accessible and less judgmental for those who work from home and/or have to stay at home. Having the freedom and flexibility to work from home as it suits individual circumstances is great too!

Hey I’m used to being an isolated, comfy, reflective, low energy, autistic and freelancing homebody! For a time, I felt relatively “normal” when most people have also been staying indoors, unfortunately not out of choice. All the same it isn’t for most people because many get cabin fever; it definitely does get lonely, restrictive, mundane and difficult. I’m used to it because as a shut-in, don’t want to maintain too many friends, I enjoy the cosy indoors, “boredom” is ideal for learning, reflecting & arting and I’ve done this for years :’) I’m familiar with this comfort zone of mine.

This lockdown and pandemic showed how my simple, hibernating, frugal, isolated bear life isn’t for everyone, especially if they’re more active, extroverted, adventurous, physical and social (at least compared to me). Most people need some degree of going out, socialising, variety, outdoor activities, to do their jobs, exercise, eating out and many other shenanigans. They actually have lots of friends, family and lots of activities they’d want to do unlike me ;P

Still it all affects us all in many different ways. I don’t know how current things and events are affecting you personally but hope you’re doing okay, staying safe and taking care of yourself, mysterious reader.

Sending warm, calming vibes! Treat yourself, take things slow, it’s okay to make mistakes & have mixed feelings, enjoy the little, wholesome things & moments and to nurture yourself and your headspace ❤️

May you stay connected with loved ones and friends (through safe means), keep taking small, sustainable steps and manage your mental health!

Thank you so much for reading! What’s your cosy warm beverage of choice? Do you prefer coffee or tea? Or water? Or hot chocolate? Or warm milk?

I don’t drink coffee and I generally drink between 1-3 cups of black tea and rooibos tea a day and one cup of soy milk ;D

For music, here’s some groovy Crossy Road Castle Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 and Crossy Road Castle Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 by Calum Bowen & Max Coburn. I only listened to them last month and the game music is pretty good and groovy!

Digressing; have a good day and please take care of yourself and things in stride this week!

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