Illustration / Weird Self Portrait Day + LeonieUpdate!

In this little LeonieUpdate:

  • Impromptu weird self portrait
  • Personal LeonieUpdate, Halloween in Animal Crossing and more interesting finds!

International Self Portrait Day, Halloween edition! 🔥💜

I almost missed self portrait day! I happened to have some silly doodles so I took the chance to play with some bright Halloween colours :’) Goodness, I don’t have the upbringing nor positive experiences with Halloween but I appreciate people having fun with it :0

I haven’t actively celebrated Halloween in real life so I’m sticking with what I know, my PJs and my silent deadpan expressions haha

Little LeonieUpdate ramble!

As predicted I don’t have the headspace, energy or time to write much during these busy weeks. I don’t have public holidays as a freelancer either (currently it’s Melbourne Horse holiday long weekend).

I’m also skipping sketchbook posts for my own wellbeing until I can manage it later in the month. Keeping blog posts brief where possible since I’m juggling as it is and I need to protect my precious art making time (and my sketchbook blog rambles and occasional podcast rambles take considerable time to do too!)

Currently quite overwhelmed, stressed and struggling to juggle my current workload, recovery time, get some proper sleep, make personal art and find time to do studies. Trying to not burn out too much. Thank you and in advance for understanding! :’)

Very much sleepy, tired plus the monthly painful cramps right now :<

At least I made time to heal a bit from my exhaustion by chilling with some Animal Crossing Halloween things!

Some interesting finds!

  • Why you shouldn’t over use the term “narcissist”
    • too right and good distinction!
    • people are complex and flawed and just because they don’t act and respond in the way you want them to, it doesn’t mean they’re a narcissist
  • OVER THE MOON | A Netflix/Pearl Studio Production
    • ooh I didn’t know this was a thing and apparently it’s super good; hope to watch this someday so I’m avoiding spoilers!
    • I miss eating moon cakes 🙁
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Dating Sim Clip – wholesome and weird clip I came across
  • old How to mime ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ like a pro | Fast and Loose – BBC
  • Talking with Natalie Wynn/Contrapoints – Gender Identity, Judgement, & YouTube
    • a lot of good takeaways on being more compassionate and accepting with yourself, regrets, harsh feelings, mental self abuse/toxic thoughts
  • Autism and Late Diagnosis: Answering Qs with Two Autistic Adults (Yo Samdy Sam & Paul Micallef)
    • well I relate to a lot of things! Just don’t need an official diagnosis and I’m not trying to actively seek autistic friends right now
  • Amazing 3D printed stop motion of ghosts serenading you in your dreams
  • How to NOT gaslight people
    • also good for not gaslighting and second guessing yourself, which is what I do a lot 🙁
  • Giving general artist advice on twitter is too risky and causes drama
    • this makes me scared of twitter or giving any advice unless directly asked by someone I think would actually take it to heart
    • note she was a concept artist for Last of Us Part 2 and she’s now at a different studio
    • how people turned on her so fast when she’s just the messenger and they took things deeper into topics of ableism and classism (or they’re taking things as a direct personal attack)
    • the advice she gave wasn’t mean, it was the useful, hard to hear truth
    • there’s been at least 3+ times where I gave up my free time and wrote up a long essay to help someone/a stranger’s struggles and questions but then they ghost me, two of which were personal emails
      • aside from being hurt and disrespected, it’s exhausting and makes me feel like it’s not worth it and that I’m wasting my time
      • I thought they needed my help but they didn’t seem to acknowledge nor appreciate my efforts :< Perhaps they were not emotionally mature enough and/or didn’t want to take things further. One even thanked me a year later in passing but why didn’t you say something at the time? :<
      • all the same I don’t actually owe anyone my time, emotional labour and help when I’m already struggling to manage my own headspace and unstable career as a freelance artist :’)
    • which reminds me – special thank you to Sumaleth and Lauren again for reaching out with thoughtful private advice, back when I lost my full time Mighty job!
      • I wasn’t ready to actively do much of it since I was entirely burnt out from game art things but it was super appreciated and generous of you to help me out back when I was at one of my lowest points and dreading how I had to start things over :’)
      • many thanks to another resume checking support ninja and a bunch of little supportive messages too at the time (:

Thank you so much for reading and understanding!

Take care and stay safe this week! (:

Yes I’m going to try to go to bed at a better time :’)

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