Fanart / Deirdre from Animal Crossing!

Stuff it! Stand up for your friends, whatevs! 💥

Lots of Dierdre and then there’s me (:

She said she would have joined me if I was just spacing out (like I usually do) on my own 😭🧡

Still the reality is that she’s just a digital, fictional friend so she technically can’t join me ;’) Still I do embrace the joys of spacing out on my own – just allowing my mind wander wherever it wants to go :0 Can go neutrally, interestingly or negatively. Ah the quiet hermit life (:

That said, I haven’t touched Animal Crossing at all for a while. Haven’t paid off the house debt either. I have no desire to go back to it unless there’s something substantial or important enough to get back to it :’)

Anyhoo, please take care of yourself, your mental health and those around you 💗 Catch you next week!

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