SuperLeonieMode / Getting birthday spoiled By Lauren! ❤️❤️❤️

In this little LeonieUpdate:

  • I’m just melting from her generous gifts 😭
  • little personal update

Goodness I got belated birthday gifts from Lauren!!

Thank youuu so much you generous, lovely soul & friend!! 😭

My wonderful, generous, kind, inspiring friend Lauren asked me what I would want/need and then gifted and mailed me a bunch of belated birthday gifts in the past few weeks!! 💖 (For those new here, it was my birthday last month).

It’s my little special life highlight this year as I wasn’t expecting any presents from anybody so I’m feeling especially warm, special & cared for! 💕 I felt compelled to do a little SuperLeonieMode comic :’)

I was happy with just getting one thing from my wishlist (or nothing if she’s unable to, budget-wise) but she went ahead to spoil me!! I was in shock when more things kept coming after the first one!! This hasn’t happened to me before so I’m not used to it 😭

I’m keen to use the first gift I got, a pentel pocket brush pen! Hope to do traditional things after I finish my current personal project :0!!

Goodness!! I was definitely not expecting the pricey, fluffy, cosy electric blanket either (as my second gift)! I don’t use heating at home so it gets especially cold at night :’) It’s been super lovely, cuddly, soft and warm to use during these winter nights 🛏️⚡ Gosh without it, normally I just struggle to get warm before falling asleep!

Thirdly, a huge amount and variety of facial mask sheets for self care and to try (came in really wet due to rain)!! Finally a super great eczema moisturiser too?!

Aw HOLY KINDNESS!! Thank you for the quality gifts from my wishlist!! 🥰

If you’re interested, here’s her twitter for her inspiring gamedev, life and podcast shenanigans! (: She’s probably taking a break from social media right now :0

Goodness I’m just super grateful, still in shock and I hope I can give something back :’) ❤️

Little LeonieUpdate

I did a little PortfolioDay and SmallArtistClub twitter post! As a result:

  • a bunch of kind people signal boosted it! Some of which were super encouraging and supportive! Thank you so much and I hope you’re all doing okay!! <3
  • I lost followers instead so I’ll still be at this plateau for these past handful of years I guess :’) It’s probably people I unfollowed recently who are unfollowing me; who knows! I wish you all the best! Anyhoo I guess I’ll always be under 2k followers ;P
  • before posting this, I got an offer that I’m not qualified for (animation) and after this post, I got an unknown, short, vague request from someone without a real name to do voxel art. I’d rather not do more voxel art (let alone the same style of voxel art) when I help out Hipster Whale occasionally already. I’m not keen to be a full voxel artist :’)
  • these posts don’t really work immediately (if at all) but at least it keeps me visible! Hey I exist! :’)

Digressing, I hope you’re faring okay this weekend thank you so much for reading!! 💙

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