Fanart / Dressed up Mac for love! (Animal Crossing)

Dressed up Mac for love! 💚 (Animal Crossing)

My lovely grumpy resting face dog villager! 😠✨

One of my first villagers so I’m very attached and I don’t care if he’s not a popular villager :’) He boldly and sincerely wears that dress occasionally, just so that he could find love in his life <3 Inspiring!!

I relate to him lots as I have a deadpan, serious, pouty, grumpy or bored looking resting face too :’) With his jock personality, he inspires me to keep being healthy with exercise though not up to his exaggerated standards and number of reps ;P I’m not that extreme!

I often give him gifts as it’s easy to know what he likes ;D


Early stages!

Another tricky character design for me to push too :0

Oh I had a small power outage and had no internet until later yesterday so I’m just glad I’m able to post this as planned. I’ll talk a bit more about it in the next MondayLeonieUpdate so for now – hello again internet! :’)

Appreciating that you’re here and thank you so much for reading!

Look after your mental health during these difficult, stressful times with some recovery breaks, do what you can for yourself & those important to you (not everyone as you are just one human) and do take care during this week! ★

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