StudyPost 02 / March Figure & Anatomy studies [Patron only]

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18 Comments on “StudyPost 02 / March Figure & Anatomy studies [Patron only]

  1. Quick comment before I read it. I can see the page perfectly, but the Link to the page from Patreon doesn’t work because there’s no Colon after the HTTPS in the link. Working great other than that!

  2. Gosh, Your sketches are so cool. It’s got that interesting “Behind-the-scenes” vibe to it. Really shows off how professional and detailed you are.

    Hrmm, I’m not a big fan of paywalls either. Though incentives are important for building a committed fan-base via things like Patreon. I think more “Behind-the-scenes” type things like these or practice works would be a good fit for now. Things that you can show off to committed folks that you normally wouldn’t post up. As long as you’re comfortable with it of course.

    Personally, I’m not a Patron for any incentives. I don’t need anything to keep supporting you. I do it because I just want to support you and your journey. But I understand I’m in quite a big minority.

    • Goodness, thank you for the super sweet words for my first sketchbook post!!
      Yeah I do agree that rough/practice/study posts work for me for now, especially if I’m studying off a book or an artist as I am here. I don’t feel comfortable sharing them publicly but it’s a good behind the scenes thing and learning journey update for patrons! 😀 I’m just testing the waters to see what works so your feedback is deeply appreciated!
      Thanks for letting me know and thank you again for your generous support! Oh~! I believe all of my patrons are just supporting me without incentives as they joined before I was testing this. Now that I hear you say that, I might change it for next month :0 Let me know what you think as you’re probably the only vocal patron I have haha!
      Paywalls are annoying! Seeing how other artists do bonus exclusive things and give away exclusive psd files makes me wonder if I’ve been doing Patreon wrong because I don’t really want to be another tutorial artist :0
      That said, in the future should I transition into little early access patreon posts and then weeks later, collate them into a public and probably more rambly blog post instead (as I mentioned)? Maybe that works better as then everyone gets similar content but one gets it earlier and then there’s no paywall :0
      I just have to get more comfortable sharing my rough works :’)

      • Hehe~ The support is certainly well earned!

        Well, Personally I’d be 100% fine if you wanted to share things without the paywall next month. Can’t speak for everyone though. I’m just happy to be here~

        I think having Patreon early access to these types of sketches is a fantastic idea though. Because Patrons get access to them and can communicate about them with You/Other Patrons in a comfortable little bubble before they’re released to the world. Which also benefits you because it lets you show off a greater range of your body of work to the world at large and attract more Patrons and potential freelance/remote work. (If it helps any your sketches are genuinely great and worth showing off a bit)

        You’re not really doing Patreon “Wrong”. You’re doing it for the exact reason you mean to. If we’re talking business wise then there’s always ways to do it “Better” depending on your circumstances.

        First off obviously you don’t want to rush into it and burn out or stress out. Go at a pace you’re comfortable with but always push yourself to do a little bit more.

        Incentives are gonna be a big bonus though. Things like raw files, a speed drawing or video walk-through of your personal style once every couple of months, maybe release another little comic page or do that podcast like you were thinking. You want to “engage” with your audience. Get them “invested” in you and your work. Test out the waters. Think about things that you personally would find interesting for someone to share with you that you want to share with others.

        You’re exceptionally good at keeping schedules so I know that once you get into the swing of things it’ll be second nature so try not to worry too much about it and do it at your own pace.

        Communication is probably the most important though. I know you’re super aware of how important social media presence is and as a fellow hermit I know how rough it is, but you’ve got amazing potential and I believe in you!

        Sorry for rambling haha. I’m big into Psycho-sociology and I’ve thought about things like Patreon and Streaming and how they work on a Psycho-sociological level quite a bit. I find it all very interesting.

        • Random good thought! Capitalize on Animal Crossing! Learning the system for Patterns/Pro Patterns and sharing designs via Patreon/Twitter are some nice incentives and attention gatherers. There’s tons of people like me with no artistic ability who love and appreciate designs. You do have to unlock sharing via Creator Codes though, but it’s a good thought.

          • Whoa neat I’m not up to that stage yet :0 Thanks I’ll keep that in mind and shall try it!
            I haven’t been playing since two days ago because of freelance work :’)

        • Yay! In that case I’ll just do things without the paywall then next month (given that no other patron speaks up against this which is unlikely)!! 😀 And you are welcome to ramble as much as you want!
          Ooh you’re right with your insight about building a little early access patreon bubble! Oh thanks so much for the reassurance! This change feels more right to me as I don’t feel comfortable introducing this paywall.
          True with “wrong” and “better”. It feels great to know and to get feedback on what’s working for me and what isn’t though, now that I’m trying different things (: Thanks again!!
          Hmm, video walk through, extra comic page or podcast – I think video works best (visual/art + audio rambling) in my case but I don’t have anything I’d want to share yet. I don’t think I can do patron-only streams as I get performance anxiety D: I’ll think about how to make video interesting for me for a while! Thank you for your valuable suggestions and thoughts!
          Communication through social media – is that what you mean? :0 Yeah it’s a lot of proofreading but I’m used to it now haha

          • I’m happy to help and always willing to give feedback whenever you want some! You’re more than welcome to message me on pretty much any platform if you want some immediate feedback too. Won’t be a bother at all and my schedule is quite open at the moment.

            And yeah I meant social media sorry haha.

  3. Oops. Looks like we hit the reply limit haha. I’ll email you my discord and I guess technically my email. :X

    Good luck on the Freelance work! And in a late reply to Sunday’s message I hope your day and week goes great too!

    • Whoa reply limit!! :0 I’ll ramp up the nested comments setting to 10? I don’t know if that helps.
      Do you prefer email or discord? :0 I don’t mind between the two 😀
      Thank youuu for the luck! I need it! Ok I need to get back to work :0

      • Hrmm. Depends on the situation I suppose. Discord is good for very immediate feedback and back to back responses. While Email is great for very detailed responses to mull over. I have both set to alert me regardless. So whichever you’re more comfortable with at the time is perfect.

        As for nested comments I suppose it depends on how much we talk haha.

        • Sweet we’re Discord friends too!
          I’m more of an email person since I take time to think and respond :’)
          But discord is great for immediate stuff, definitely.
          Haha true!

          • Woooo Friends! hahaha.

            Funnily enough I also like taking my time to think. I’m more more eloquent in text than in person >_<.

            I’ll let you get back to your work now. 😛