Giftart / Charlie Red Social on Feb 20th!

Charlie Red Social Promotional Art for Feb 20th [original tweet for details]!

Ruth Bosch kindly offered to use my artwork in Charlie Red’s [twitter] [facebook] call out post but I didn’t have anything recent because of my burnout, art struggles and not having anything “finished” for show :’)

So I decided to make giftart on the spot! The above is the resulting promotional post she put together 😀

The original giftart I did!

This is how I imagine Charlie Red Social gatherings even though I’ve never been. Creatives of all shapes, sizes and temperaments! Which one are you? :0

Featuring the cute characters I made and showed during inktober 2019 ;D I had no time to design new things ;P

Look into going to the event if it’s your kind of thing! I’m just happy being a quiet, online supporter!! 💙

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