Link’s Awakening & Untitled Goose Game fanart. And help I need to make it a fortnightly Monday schedule!!

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In this blog post:

  • Marin singing the Ballad of the Wind Fish
  • First date & travels together fanart
  • Madam MeowMeow and Ciaociao (Yipyip)
  • “Say cheeese!!” – Link
  • Time for some evil goose adventures!! (Untitled Goose Game fanart)
  • Personal update & hey I need to change up my posting schedule to fortnightly on Mondays

Marin singing the Ballad of the Wind Fish 🎵

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake for the Switch is coming on the 20th September!! Yay! ^o^

The cuteness of the new Link’s Awakening is cominggg!! The DX remake was my first Zelda game ever & it’s still my most favourite 2D Zelda! I played it through at least twice ages ago and I’m keen to play the new one! 😀

I know I’m one of many who says that about this game but I don’t care 😛 There was a Japanese ad where the Ballad of the Wind Fish had lyrics but I still prefer without. I loved having the rest to my own imagination, not spelled out for me.

As for the other 2D Zelda games, other favourites include A Link to the Past, Link Between Worlds, Oracle of Ages. And Oracle of Seasons, Minish Cap, Four Swords are pretty good while Princess Zelda is most endearing in Spirit Tracks though that one doesn’t count as a 2D game 😉

First date & travels together 🌺🌴🌊

Marin is the Trendy Gamester Pro, loves the seashore, wants to fly beyond the island, draws an audience when she sings and looks like Malon. I’ve always thought Marin as the beautiful, perfect, carefree, mischievous, fun, kind, caring, charismatic, mysterious, dream girl whom I cannot nor want to live up to ;P

Princess Zelda has a special place in my heart so when I was younger, I didn’t know how to feel when Marin is now Link’s obvious love interest. And you actually get to travel & spend romantic time with her :’) I was annoyed at first when she was following me around but over time it was interesting to see her reactions at my various, mischievous deeds ;D Though I still see her as the sadistic, flirty, extroverted person ;P

Testing and deliberately not doing the remake’s art style. Not sure if I like how this turned out. I have much to learn!!! I want to hide away and study more :< Ah well, that’s the journey of progress!

Madam MeowMeow and Ciaociao (Yipyip)

One is obsessed with Chain Chomps and the other is obsessed with flashy fashion and jewelry. I like Madam MeowMeow’s pure joy, just living with her Chain Chomp pets – the simple, humble life. It’s weird that I remember the quest related to her more than the other NPCs.

Meanwhile, I’m obsessed with feeling and getting better at making fun art, characters and illustrations as a hermit recluse bear!! >:’)

“Say cheeese!!” 📸🐭

‘The Travels of Link‘ photo album from the DX remake probably won’t be in the Switch one but who knows :0

Ayyy! I’m going to play this game!! Yay!!

Time for some evil goose adventures!! 🍎🌼 (Keen to play Untitled Goose Game too by House House)~!

I’m definitely not the only one who wants to play this game ;P It seems like a short sandbox game which usually isn’t my thing but the charm and mischievousness won me over. I’ll see how it goes when I play (thanks to my brother) and watch others play it too!

Goodness there’s so many games to play and watch :’)

Personal update and hey I need to change up my posting schedule to fortnightly on Mondays now [especially a heads up for kind patrons]

And anything beyond fortnightly is a bonus.

This is because it’s getting super unsustainable, overwhelming and starting to give me anxiety and analysis paralysis. Started to feel like I’m disappointing myself and others as I try to keep it going for the sake of the weekly schedule and getting *too* focused on making content to post than for my own personal, longer term, learning journey. Uh oh. The balance is off again!

The blog posts are getting bigger as I keep packing art, personal updates and stuff into them due to timeliness of recent releases (like this post) but I can’t keep with this quality standard and juggle with life, the rare freelance work and learning on a weekly basis :’)

I guess weekly updates isn’t working for me, especially with the long form blog content that I’m going for and enjoy making. I tried doing short form, regular content like most people on social media but I enjoy giving myself space and time to make art on my own terms and pace plus rambling and reflecting on the journey!! At this rate, it’s leading me into the dangerous burnout zone so it’s time to slow down further and take care of myself first!

I know I said I was going to try *not* rambling so much and just post art like most artists but after some trial and error, that’s not really me. I’d like to go back to ramble mode again. This blog allows me the freedom to reflect and ramble. By taking that away it makes this blog redundant and I can just post the art on social media, let the art speak for itself and not invest in this blog anymore.

I need this blog to gain clarity and document my journey – especially when I’m a homebody with few trusted people to regularly talk to. Then again I’d rather ramble here without worrying about being repetitive, self absorbed and burdening others. This is therapeutic in that sense 😛

Goodness, does anyone remember how I used to do fortnightly? Then I went monthly but the blog posts became too long for people to read? Then I went twice to three times a week (because popular artists seem to thrive with short, snappy art content for consumption) but few people look at my blog posts, I didn’t want to be active on social media everyday and it was too much for me to maintain? Then I went weekly in an attempt to slow down and here we are back at fortnightly again. Whoa. There’s a summary of my thought process with this over the years.

Juggling as life changes. As much as social media is a huge part for me to remind internet people that I exist, I don’t want my online presence, follower numbers and lack of engagement to dictate my life and well-being :’) I’m glad I’m more aware and making sure I don’t overwork myself with everything. Healing from burnout and personal emotional trauma will take as much time as it needs. I want to get back some joy and grow in my art and as a person without pushing myself too hard and feeling hopelessly apathetic about things.

Hey pushing myself all the time is how I burnt out in the first place :’)

And yes usually I don’t have client work or anything stable (as that’s how difficult freelance is) but currently I am grateful that I have a couple of months of part time freelance work going on that I can’t talk about! I’m doing it part time, so I can recover from over-stimulation, get sleep/recover, do life admin, play, so that I don’t burn out, ensure I can make personal art and learn art too. Testing this as I’m figuring out a good balance that works for me when things are busy.

Anyhoo I hope fortnightly blog posts are more sustainable! I’ve never been a fan of just showing fancy art bits for social media consumption as most people only glance through the curated, good bits and stories (which is super reasonable). Or they actually socialise publicly lots on social media. Wow could you imagine?! ;P

As for me, I want to ramble and reflect on my journey along the way for myself even if it is just 1 to 4 people reading ;P See how I grow from here as an artist and person. I don’t know if this makes blog posts more special because most artists don’t do blog posts anymore thanks to social media (which are short blog content in themselves) and it’s definitely too much time and work :’) On the other hand, I don’t like using social media too much.

But hey, a small, lovely handful of you still read my blog posts and I’m super humbled and grateful ;___; I hope fortnightly works for you too! Thank youuu for understanding!!

Note that I’ll be starting this schedule from the 7th Oct, 2 weeks away from now.

I don’t have a big buffer and I have some contract work till the end of October so I need some time. This is why I packed a bunch of fanart in today’s blog post to compensate! Plus I hope to make future progress blog posts formatted like these!

Anyhoo see you in 2 weeks, take care during busy September and October. Thank you so much for understanding! Thank you ♥

See you next month!

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