SlowyTwitch illustration commission: “Thanks for following!”

Final Illustration of Slowy’s Hamburger turtle!

Slowy kindly reached out for a small commission the night I packed up my stuff at Mighty. So I’ve watched parts of her streams and she’s pretty chill! She does art for her channel and plays a variety of games – currently it’s a blind playthrough of Last of Us & Tom Clancy’s Division 2.

Check her out below!

Her Twitch:



Commission thoughts!

I didn’t get started until a week later she first contacted me. I had to slow down, actually process losing my job some more, blog initial feelings about it and was feeling unsure about having some online presence again. Since there seems to be a lot of depressing drama on the internet. Just :<

Anyhoo! It was great to keep myself busy by doing a commission! It’s been a while since I freelanced! Rusty with doing art too since I was on a vacation. Thanks for giving me the opportunity Slowy!

There was some briefing and her being super great, clear and prompt with responses and payment. She was wonderfully understanding too, allowed me to take as much time as I needed. (:

Second sketch pass to the final design

Sent the above drawing to see if I was on the right track 😀

And then I took another week’s break because of life, appointments, scrambling a portfolio + resume, figuring out what to do with advice, asking/getting help, sleep deprivation and failing anyway.

Job hunting & figuring out what I want to do with my career is Anxietyland. I’ll talk about it properly another time.

But I finished this commission up yesterday and yay!

And she’s super happy with it! ^o^ <3 YES!

Phew! My first commission in ages is done!

Also tsumea kindly featured & signaled boosted me! [fb] [tw]

Thank you!! Seems like I really need to post more new work there in the future. Well when I’m actually happy with my work ;P

I’ve joined the site 7 years and 3 months ago and this is the first time I’ve posted a journal entry there as I’m slowly figuring out my career, job hunting and freelancing. :’)

Am super honoured, grateful and shocked.

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