SuperListenMode 281: I guess I’m not as invisible as I think

SuperListenMode: I guess I’m not as invisible as I think

There’s one side when friends know how you’re doing lately in a respectful way and it’s super heartwarming that they cared enough to keep tabs and spend the time to read my social media posts! Only a few but still!

I don’t talk much in person as it is like an awkward, introverted, quiet butt that I am, so thank youuu ♥

This is probably the most passive, indirect way to get to know me haha :’)

I assume many don’t look because they follow hundreds and thousands of people over the internet [groups, slack, discord, social media, messaging platforms, video, streams, news, feeds, emails, mailing lists, podcasts]. Tend to see myself as invisible in life as my default setting, posting into the internet void. The internet gets overwhelming so I understand if people don’t look at my posts – perhaps it’s just not that interesting to you to keep up with it. Or there’s nothing much to say. I only follow a small handful of people as my minimum so I get it.

But what do you do when people make generalisations & assumptions about you? And your character and personality? And decided and predicted things you would do and go to?

And actually get it right?!

Sometimes knowing you more than you do about yourself?! Whoa!! What makes them think they know me?
Especially when you don’t know each other that well?
I don’t even talk and warm up to many people O___O;

When people apparently know things about you and tells you what you should do but you haven’t really interacted frequently and deeply in person…it feels weird, uneven and uncomfortable!! Particularly if you’re not equally interested in them or know them.

I am open minded to ponder and learn from it most of the time.

But I tend to go “noppppe” and twirl away if it gets too much haha

And I get existential. This is what some more outspoken people think of me?! But I’m talking to myself here! I’m just figuring things out and learning :’)

Probably not something to pay too much attention about. It’s out of my control. I’m bad at predicting and reading what people think of me anyway [unless they actually tell me] so I don’t care too much. I’m socially oblivious.

As long as it’s not to my or anyone’s detriment and it’s not invasive, disrespectful and creepy, I try to not to take it too seriously and personally ;P

It’s all good.

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