SuperListenMode 302: LeonieBlob

SuperListenMode: Leonie the Blob

When you’re so comfortable in your chair, energy is low, getting too fatigued and you’re too lazy to budge from your desk. And if there’s nobody there [or if I don’t think anyone notices/cares], I don’t have to pretend to be a normal, sensitive, hyper aware human anymore.


I don’t have the presence and gaze of others, sensory nor social overload to worry about. I can take a solitary break, zone out, meditate, power nap and recharge energy again.

Just become a lazy blob, let go of all the tension, calm down, go with the flow and focus. This is one of my many forms ;D

Good friends & some peeps know this about me haha

Long days at the computer is undoubtedly super bad for my physical well-being. Been trying ways to get solitary nap breaks, timed breaks and getting peer pressure walk breaks to help with this. Trying to remember to get away from the computer, at least stand up and get off my butt is super hard on my own since sometimes I’m lazy, I refuse to take a break because I’m in the middle of something haha

Breaking up my bad habits!! I need to heal from all this soreness!

So yes, sometimes I’m a blob when people aren’t around ;D

The ultimate form of energy conservation!

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2 Comments on “SuperListenMode 302: LeonieBlob

  1. Stand up and walk around a bit at least every hour! I know it’s hard to break bad habits, but this one is not worth risking your long term career with. Buy a stop watch if you need to.

    (I wish someone had told me this when I started..)

    • I do have a timer and have experimented with this for years. Currently it’s every 1hr 15 minutes with 15 minute breaks since that works best for my flow. The hard part is actually getting up and moving when it’s every hour.
      At least I stretch to ease myself out of blob mode and eventually I get up :0