SuperListenMode 293: Heart to heart with Jess Watson

SuperListenMode: Heart to heart with Jess Watson [Ninjeska]

I was dying from my heavy cold at the time but this turned into a new infection of sweet, great friendship!

Check out her and Amos’ talk; I missed it in person so she gave me a private, valuable session about her Communication Barrier presentation too!

She was lovely, generous, relaxing and patient company, didn’t mind being quiet together, rambled and stayed with sick incoherent me longer than she ever needed to! MIGW18 was the first time we properly talked at length too.

Thank you!! <3

In regards to the talk!

She gets me how I need to be directly and individually asked to contribute and to feel valued in a team, to be able to have time to prepare, process and figure out things before I can participate, my weakness in having to do everything slow, thought out on my own and methodically and how on my end, I need to manage my perfectionist side.

How I want to do things properly with a process and standards but life doesn’t work that way and I need to stay flexible, adapt, “get it done mode” and fix any mistakes I may make along the way instead, rather than have it worked out beforehand. How sometimes things need to be done and standards need to go out the window. How meetings and frequent communication is part of the job and super important to keep everyone on the same page.

I say this because I’m more of a:

  • give me my tasks and deadline person
  • I’ll ask for clarifications.
  • Then I’ll head off on my own to figure it out and do it with a process. Properly, methodically and slowly. Turtling.
  • Then I’ll ask for feedback or if I’m struggling too much and need guidance and help

I’m terrible at bouncing off ideas as a group and sharing ideas along the way, especially when I don’t know and haven’t interacted with them as individual people. I’m not comfortable asking for help sometimes. I prefer to figure out what I think on my own first so I can bring in a better informed perspective or figure out what the issue is.

The “I need to attempt to problem solve it myself first” is a thing for me.

A lot of food for thought and growth for me!

Plus I’ve been Pottermore sorted into Slytherin but according to this talk I’m also a Ravenclaw haha! A mix of both can happen she says! I insist again that I don’t consider myself smart but I’m drawn to intelligent people ;P

So yes! Check out their talk! As someone who’s not strong in group social skills and collaboration, I found it valuable at least!

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