SuperListenMode 290: Shenanigans with Matt and Jacob

SuperListenMode: Matt [Orann] and Jacob [JacobJanerka]

When you’re too literal and don’t find most jokes funny…I need the shared context haha

Jokes aside, it’s great to properly heart to heart chat to some level with each of you and hang out for the first time during MIGW! Thank you both again for the understanding, wonderful, down to earth company. ^o^

Things have probably progressed since I last spoke to them but:

Jacob is working on at least two cool projects and has previously developed Paradigm.

Matt is working an exciting project at the moment and has previously developed Hacknet.

So check them out if you’re interested. Both of them have dedicated wikipedia pages when I actually googled for links to their past published/released work…?! Whoa. I don’t know either of them too well but it’s impressive! Yet I don’t want to care too much about the fame stuff as they’re inspiring, good, down to earth people as they are haha 😉

I could be wrong but they seem so focused and resilient with their struggles towards getting where they want to be for their respective independent game developer journeys. They are more skilled, comfortable and experienced with being generous, community-minded and at socialising, hustling, and creating than I am, that’s for sure!

I’m more inspired by that side of them.

I’m just an artist on this little blog island. Who deleted instagram from her phone recently.

What do I know anyway. ;P

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