SuperListenMode 288: Sparkly nail art with Rhiannon

SuperListenMode: Sparkly nail art with Rhiannon [mighty_rhiannon]

Sometimes the negativity, drama, shady, sad and hard times in the games industry and in the world leaves me tired, frustrated, hopeless, indifferent and makes me want to focus on other things.

Learning to let go of expectations and disappointment I had for certain people. Let the hurt feelings come and pass and focus on the few people who do matter. Grow up. Let time heal everything. There’s better things to do, silly sensitive Leonie ;P

Me paraphrasing, generalising & reinterpreting Rhiannon’s message: cut negative trash out of your life, stay real with yourself and keep the hope, positivity and fun in the things you do!

She kindly offered to pretty up my nails too [check out her amazing skills at her dedicated instagram rhipaintnails!] but I’m too lazy to maintain painted nails and I’ll keep being distracted by patterns/pictures/colours at the tips of my hands. :’)

Reflecting on these holidays

Gosh I need an actual long break from everything to recover better from my ongoing exhausted mindset, creative rut, stress, sadness, apathy, fatigue and burnout :’) Please understand that I’ll keep rambling about this as I’m dealing with it and this is my outlet for reflection after all.

It’s slowly more manageable now thanks to self awareness, distance and time. Been trying to figure out how to “relax” during this < 2 week holiday break so I’ve just been taking it slow and lazy as I refocus myself.

Hoping after this holiday break that I feel a tiny bit better. Perhaps it’ll take all of next year and then some for me to feel more alive and heal up. Keep getting some health professional help and learn to take care of myself. Consider my life decisions for the next 5 years. I won’t rush myself or set anything in stone though as I’m trying to not worry and stress about it! :< Here I go?!

I’ll mask the mixed feelings and keep being grateful, content and pushing through but I won’t pretend I’m happy and excited about things if I’m directly asked from a genuine, caring place. It’s not something I can fake and “just get over it” as much as I desperately want to do that [and super critical of myself already] so thanks for being patient with me. <3

Just embracing the journey!

I don’t really do Christmas, presents, food or family get togethers so Christmas brings me no positive nor negative feelings. I’m not a sweet tooth either…glazed donuts, sugar heavy cake, icing, mousse are usually too much. They gross me out. You enjoy what you like while I treat myself with other things ;P

Digressing. I hope you’re getting some restful times!

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