SuperListenMode: Social Skills RPG + BurpDoodle: I got mixed feelings

SuperListenMode for Games Week: Social Skills RPG

“Yeah, I’m bad at socialising.”
“You’re fine, Leonie. Geez.”
“If you say so…”
Then why do I feel so lonely, exhausted, sad and terrible at this :'(
I feel like I’m doing improv sometimes ;___;

Haha life isn’t this easy and creepy like an RPG!

Where you can see all the skill stats about everyone. ;P
I give people space in real life while in contrast I’ll exhaust all dialogue [get that story and world building content!] if it was actually an RPG game haha
Just know my level is low because I don’t normally do and practice social things on a regular basis like normal people so…I feel like I level down back to Level 0!
I know people fake the energy and confidence in their conversations to get through and level up. Get more social experience, manage what they can and grow that way. That’s how it is.
I’ve tried this with mixed experiences. Adapting to a more confident, brave version of myself or persona is a necessary thing sometimes. Even if it is exhausting. Else I won’t talk to anybody at that rate! Reveal my silly side, go with the flow and practice not caring what people think as much as I can. Be willing to face rejection, discomfort, hurt feelings or awkward social conversations…without pushing myself too far.
Learning to not fake the confidence too long as I feel even more sad, drained and dishonest with myself. Quiet solitary breaks needed!
Low stamina over here :’)
My personal fear is that I’m probably too brief, rude, distant and quiet…I’m just trying to survive in an environment that drains me. Apologies if I come off that way -.-‘
I’m doing my best and am grateful that kind people talk with me! A few gave me much needed hugs too! <3
Yes I’m reminding and reassuring myself here too haha
Socialising is definitely an intense learning adventure! :S
Thanks in advance for being understanding with my low social skills and low stamina :’)

Inktober BurpDoodle: I got mixed feelings🎵

PS: Simplified, silly interpretation of course!
Another one I’m not showing on social media ;P

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