SuperListenMode: Low Hanging Fruit

SuperListenMode: Low Hanging Fruit

It’s easy to be lazy, bring yourself down, hesitate, overthink, criticise, shame, procrastinate and give up to avoid failure.
Many important things in life take much more effort, focus, self care and purpose to reach, habitualise and practice as part of a life long learning journey.
Your stack of boxes is probably different.
At the moment, some of these are mine.
Others are for example and as reminders for me.
I’ll leave it up for interpretation 😉

Update section: Finally got a new phone setup and I learned the hard way that phones are for logistical purposes with other people more than anything else. My fault. Family drama ensued :’) 

Been away in the past 2+ months and I haven’t really recovered from self imposed crunch, burnout and lots of working from home. Kind Mighty intervention happened, don’t worry. In general, please don’t crunch and burnout! In my case, it was my own doing because I was tackling something that’s completely out of my comfort zone and my process is time consuming, experimental and thorough but worth it to me. Learning how to do it better next time with scope, design, quality and how I work. I’m exhausted, lost, slow and feeling empty right now but I’m happy to be around Mighty peeps again even though I don’t talk that much and don’t know what’s going on lately <3

Also Piffle is coming globally!! 

For those who don’t follow my twitter, please follow the kind, lovely and kickbutt Scott/cronobreak for his ultra adorable art and designs for the game! Peeps keep thinking I did it but sorry to disappoint; it’s not me :’)
I understand why people would think that because of my SLM comics art style [which is inspired by Kirby nowadays]…but I didn’t do much work on Piffle. I was getting annoyed because Scott’s work is not my credit to take and kind people keep congratulating the wrong person. Please praise Scott instead. ;P
Go support them at the team at the official Piffle twitter for the game’s global release!! (:

Since my long break, 
I don’t think my absence mattered to anyone because of my art buffer & lack of online interaction. It didn’t seem to matter if I checked notifications or not! Yeah I know I’m the one who’s ghosting so I shouldn’t take it personally .___.

But I got more ninja support over on instagram than my twitter for some reason?! And my follower count on instagram and this blog is relatively super small…honestly there’s not much of an engaged audience in all the platforms ;P. Is twitter a desert for me now? Instagram is where people lurk and scroll quickly down? I’m too afraid to look at stats…I’m not emotionally ready nor I want to focus on how sad my social media statistics are right now. So I’m just throwing out questions haha 

Increasingly more people who I know personally or have met don’t interact with me on twitter anymore…they have moved on, as have I. Feeling a resigned sort of sadness…numbers alone aren’t meaningful. If it’s not active interaction, I don’t know what the point of twitter is aside from keeping tabs on who I want. 
I feel like I’m further lost into the void and I don’t usually reach out to people to my detriment, low energy and laziness. By this I’m reminded again, social media alone is not enough for deeper human connection. Aye, I’m overthinking again. And I need sleep right now.

Enjoy your weekend! I’ll slowly recover from burnout in the meantime 😉

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