SuperListenMode: Little Social Life

SuperListenMode: Little Social Life

Not even online! :(The downside of taking social media breaks and not doing much social things…it gets too quiet :’) Have no idea what I’m missing out. Knowing it’s going to take awhile to catch up and sadly learn what I’ve missed out when I get unblocked every now and then. You remember how the world keeps going on without you.

People who only connect with me through social media aren’t that close in the first place…the reality for many of us. Plus I’m super susceptible to using and putting too much value into social media! Sometimes to compensate my small amounts or lack of social life. It feels isolating as a result. Especially when I don’t live close to the city and most things are super inconvenient for me.

I don’t mind most of the time though…since I’m still living with family. It doesn’t count as part of social life but I can’t imagine how terrible my mental health would be if I was living completely alone as an incredibly introverted, reserved, homebody person. Without being a team with my brother to deal with some of the housework at home. Plus it’s financially not viable or frugal for me as I’ve been trying to save up to clear my university debt, it’s expensive to live alone in Melbourne and it seems scary and risky to live with other people I don’t know well too :< I’m not that brave or ready yet as much as there’s countless reasons I should.

As you know I’m currently blocked from facebook – I can’t fully quit because events and groups are a thing and I’m already an isolated homebody as it is. It’s something to check every few months or whenever…? I don’t enjoy using facebook too much and being obliged, expected and addicted to check a given social media platform all the time to get “value” from it.

And with twitter/instagram, I’m taking small breaks away sometimes because I don’t want to get distracted in the middle of intense work. Trying to not burn out. I’ll check eventually!

These breaks means I don’t worry about missing out. Right now at least.
Be more present with the small handful of kind people I do interact with <3
Get more focused time to do my own thing ;P

And then occasionally a super lovely friend reaches out to me [in person/email] and invite me to things I’m genuinely interested or curious about! ^o^
Oh my heart!! <3 <3 <3