BurpDoodle: “IT’S. ME. WA. RI. O” / WarioWare Gold

BurpDoodle: “IT’S. ME. WA. RI. O.” / WarioWare Gold

Coming out tomorrow in Australia with loads of great voice acting from the incredible Charles Martinet. Wahaha making games is definitely easy when you don’t do any of the work like Wario!
Just scam people to do the work for you! ;DGosh game development commentary haha

I was pressured to try the 3DS demo a few weeks ago and as much as I didn’t like the art style when compared to the previous games, it’s pretty packed with loads of minigames and silly, light narrative about tricking people to make minigames for free. It’s a game when you want to be intensely focused on surviving quirky minigames for as long as you can. It’s super fun in short bursts.

The only WarioWare game I played in full was WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames when it first came out and I had time to spare back then. Now there’s a bunch of more characters so I don’t know what’s going on now, lots of new mini games since then! This one actually has custom dubs too!

My brother will be getting the game so I might actually play the latest one if I really need a break from everything else. 😉

Favourite quotes from the demo:
“It’s pizza time!…No money.” – Wario

“Selling like hotcakes!” – TV Presenter about a new game
“Quick Cash! Games…Easy money!” “Type type type!” – Wario