SuperListenMode: Needle Torture

SuperListenMode: Needle Torture

I super super respect people who get/got tattoos and/or deal with needles regularly to get by. Super respect your tolerance for pain.

Took me many years to tolerate and relax a bit with immunisations as it is.

Thought I could face an armful of needles stabbed into my arm, meant to loosen up my tensed up injured arm muscles. Instead I felt more tense and pain. :’)
I refused to do my other arm…it was too much.

At least I tried with one arm? It’s not weird but painful plus moving my fingers made the needles move about deep inside my muscles…eep I could feel it!! I could not look at my arm anymore!

My physio tried making conversation with me and making jokes at my expense but I was too busy trying to survive the pain and making noises…couldn’t work or do much afterwards. It hurt so bad.
Had to heal and rest up with ice packs haha

He had some laughs at my suffering though. *shakes fist*

PS: I have slight degrees of tennis elbow in both my arms…it’s not painful anymore. But it can come back if I’m not careful!
I exercise and I need to do stretches often during breaks. :<