Two Full Years of Hermit Burp, Hermit Burpcast #1 + Timelapse & Growth Pt.2

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

Second year milestone of regular blogging! Mega post!
Prepare your snack/meal and get comfy if you enjoy reading!Not going to celebrate it like my Derpy first year but I am trying something different instead.

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

If you were aware of me in person, I’m not exactly talkative when there’s 1+ people around.
So…what on earth am I doing. Oh I need to make that shirt someday.
Y1W51to52 Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook
Burpcast Begins
Other Hermit Burp Adventuuures
Let’s Fight for what we Love, not what we Are: Let’s keep growing!
Motivational Speaker-y
A Festival Reminder
The Past 2 Weeks: Scary Selfies and Talking

Year 1, Weeks 51 & 52 (31st Dec to 13th Jan)

Digital Sketchbook

The GIFS return! This time I’ve made it more slower and managable to look at.
Dance of the muscles; although I feel like I’m not doing enough, this is something anyway
A tad too harsh now; whoops

Character Making Time

Just because the rhythm is slow, that don’t mean that you can’t flow
In the rain or in the snow, Got the funky funky flow (Don’t ask why)
I tried glasses. Then my bro said it looked like me. D: Nuuu!
It wasn’t working anyway so I removed them.
Modern Goddess of the Moon (no, not Sailor Moon but the Greek goddess)
Still the old Sailor Moon intro song comes to mind.
Fighting evil by moonlight…

Two Year Regular Blogging Milestone Things!

The Hermit Derpcast: Milestone Edition 

(CC button if it’s too muffled)
Duration 11:17 minutes 
(because I value your time)

Show notes:

  • The Portrait timelapse (in the video)
  • Why am I doing this Derpcast & how I’m just an awkward person
  • Reflecting on 2014 & 2015…? Briefly though
  • Blogging like I’m talking to myself (or to one person)
  • Thanks to be given
  • Request for feedback
Boo! The Original Derp Portrait; see it’s timelapse in the video above.
Hermit Derpcast was in the making at the specified date too. Portrait practice.

My voice is not easy on the ears but science says I am biased. All I know is that I’m tired of my voice haha

I came across so many audio issues (these are Takes 6 to 8) and words sound mumbly, others got cut out and some timelapse moments went missing. Technical issues as this is my first one where I do a lot of mistakes. I went from using my echoey mic to my tablet mic.  One thing I have learned is that I need to speak louder and slower so that it catches everything I say; it’s proving difficult.

Yes I bothered typing and timing my own captions again for my first time.  I recorded this during late November/first few days of December actually because I just wanted to get it done and let it sit awhile.

I am doomed forever with this talking thing haha.

Learning though.

Hermit Derpcast (Pilot episode)#000: 

Storytime with Leonie: “Crushed Artwork”

Question for the Day: Your moral of the story?

Now this Derpcast is an example/test of what the regular ones will play out. Maybe I’m getting a little better at doing these. I took out music and outros and unnecessary things. Unless you like the other format or probably a mix of the two; let me know!

If I’m on my own, preparation will be done without much editing with a maximum of 2-3 takes. Probably no Closed captions (not feasible timewise in the long run).

As this is just MP3 only, I got an audio player going, a downloadable mp3 available and a standalone Youtube video. I can’t afford a server for iTunes so Youtube will have to do!

If you’d like to make sure you are up to date with this Burpcast (assuming that this goes anywhere), just keep tabs on this blog and/or keep tabs on the Youtube playlist linked later below.

Duration 10:05 minutes 

Youtube version

Audio Player


Feedback appreciated!

As in, is there anything I can do better with creating these?  I’m a newbie at it all (aside from keeping a distance from the microphone and maybe I’ll afford better equipment someday). Halp.

***Responses to the Derpcast (if any) are needed before the 11th of Feb! This is so I can have it all in one place, pick out interesting ones, mention your name/alias and include it in the next Derpcast! Comment on this blog post below! Or email it over to hermitderpcast(at)gmail(dot)com.

I don’t think the Hermit Derpcast will ever truly replace the infamously wordly Reflection sections (look at this one!) but I plan to do the Derpcast further for:

  • practice relaxed talking/conversation (even if it is on my own; it’s something!)
  • picking out interesting responses/comments from people from the previous Derpcast and talk about them
  • Storytime and lessons learned
  • there’s any interesting art and creative life questions/topics
  • doing it for every yearly milestone
  • I’ll try do it at least once a month as a post of its own
  • Each episode will be focusing on one or two topics at a time; aiming for controlled chaos
  • I am considering inviting creative friends in where they talk about their week as well, plug themselves if they choose to and we’d work with a set of questions/topics to base this little show together. I love asking well thought out questions rather than just talking about myself. But I need to be able to hold my own first which is why I’m not jumping right in with guests. This is just in consideration in the distant future, just not practical right now. I’m just working things out on my own first before taking guests in.
    • Ah given that you’re a friend of mine and that we’re comfortable in talking with each other (I’m awkward enough already!), shoot me an email, private message or comment below if you’ve got suggestions or are interested in being part of the Hermit Derpcast! You don’t have to be a Hermit and/or a Derp either! I’ve got one interested friend thus far; when I’m ready of course. Google Hangouts or Skype perhaps.

Still, would people want to hear me speak anymore after hearing the first Derpcast? Feedback helps as I’d like to give this a good go.

I am talking more at the least; that’s my main reason!

Even if it doesn’t work out, at the least I am doing one more next month.
It will be a standalone post of its own this time, loosely around the 20th of Feb.
I’m going to take one Derpcast at a time.

Keen to hear what you think. (:

Wait, you didn’t reflect on 2014 that well!

Purposely so! I didn’t really deeply reflect on 2014 on the Derpcast as it’s essentially comprehensively documented regularly here already; I don’t intend to dwell on the past and I don’t think I’ll forget the lessons learnt from 2014 anytime soon. (:

Hey we’re just celebrating/marking that I did 2 years worth of regular blog posts here; no doubt heaps of growth, experiences and clarity happened; keen for more to come this year.

Ooh definitely looking forward to these in 2015 (I’m not even on track with 2013 & 2014 movies and games so I’m wayyy ahead of myself but anyhoo…!)

  • Games: Legend of Zelda for the Wii U, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Armello, Superhot
  • Movies: Star Wars VII, Pitch Perfect 2 even if it’s just for the acapella, Minions, Peanuts, The Good Dinosaur, Grave of the Firefiles, Inside Out, The Little Prince

Curious about

  • Games: Life is Strange, Mighty No. 9, F-Zero: GP Legend
  • Movies: Mad Max: Fury Road, Jurassic World, Terminator: Genisys, Goosebumps, Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun, Into the Woods/The Jungle Book/Cinderella/Pan??, Pixels, Strange Magic, Home, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend, Ant-Man and probably more I don’t know about

I digress. I’m tremendously and always grateful for your company.
Thank you for joining me along with the ride!

I’ll cheat 2+ weeks for next time’s milestone: I think I’m going to cheat this year onwards and call every first post of January my yearly milestone post as the New Year/Milestone themes overlap with each other. Too repetitive for my liking.

As it is with the time this post was scheduled, the real yearly milestone is mid January (let this be between us, shhh) but I’m not going to be that stubborn next time. I mean I’ve blogged here since 2011 and posted art since 2005 so what does 2 weeks matter.

Right? Right! Haha it’s like I’ve convinced myself and now it’s settled!

Other Hermit Derp Adventuuures:  

  • Games (watching bits or all of it): ho. It’s getting too much so I bunched it up
    • Rule of Rose, Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer, “The Incredible world of Pokemon”, Viscera Cleanup Detail: Normal, NES Remix Pack, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3 Arcade, Far Cry 4, Minesweeper & Solitaire…?, Turbo Dismount, Punch out! (Wii), Dungeon Nightmares 2, Cards Against Humanity, Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior, Fibbage/Drawful, Left 4 Dead 2 Versus, Apparition Within The Rift, Whack The Thief, Bloody Trap Land, Slender: The Arrival, Skate 3, MARIO KART 64 (N64), Dragon Age Inquisition, Spooky’s House of Jumpscares, Always Sometimes Monsters, I Miss You, Steal The Diamond, Slender: Gaze of Horror, tidbits of the Awesome Games Done Quick, Five Nights at Wario’s, Final Fight Revenge, Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice (new reactions), Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Syberia, GunZ 2: The Second Duel, Insurgency, Assassin’s Creed Unity Co-op, Phoenix Wright, Slendercraft, Silent Hill 2, Super Mario RPG
    • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD: It’s awesome as always. Only one thing…I am still annoyed by that part when the Tetra “change” happens, it unrealistically changes her personality almost completely. Ah I have a soft spot for Zelda games if it’s not obvious already.
  • Health wise! I sit and I stand when I feel like it and/or get tired; trying this new random approach out rather than specified stand and sit times. Feels good with my new workstation approach! Still using the same “standing desk” boxes haha. And exercise
  • Special Food: Ya Pears! Wafers…? McDonalds’ Fish O’Fillet..,? Ice Cream for the Heatwave! Mm and Pizza. A bundle of peaches. Grateful!
  • Survived the first Heatwaves for the summer (in Australia) and then thunderstorms. Since 2003 or so, I’ve always thought that people should do a flashmob dance to a made up song about Melbourne’s crazy weather, heavily loaded with good hearted satire/sarcasm and dry laughter while sun and rain are both happening. Yeah I’m weird.
  • The Grit Test out of 5: Got prompted to try at it again. Self perception/belief/current events comes into play so do take this at a grain of salt!
    • 2013: 3.6
    • 2014: 4.8
    • 2015 (now): 4.67
    • Maybe I should do it once a year? Haha I’ll probably forget about it
  • Movies:
    • Gravity: again because my bro hasn’t seen it; movie definitely for the big screen, not at all enticing for my little screen >: But spaceeee!
  • Games (played):
    • Smash Bros. Wii U: I’m not that great with Zelda (aka no time to train) but I have a better time as Shulk probably because he’s easy to use
    • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker: And it’s out! Yay! I live tweeted too as I played/watched. It’s so adorable and fun~!

We fight for what we love, not what we are; Let’s keep growing

Live like you’re alive.
You’re part of a great story.
Be thankful and just let go of any checklists.
Let life be a surprise to you.
Explore! Try things out!
Do things because it’s fun.

I paraphrased!
Thanks Edward Readicker-Henderson

Such a wonderful reminder from an inspiring person, fighting to live and lengthen his own life.
This video made me want to write about growth again.I first wrote about Growth way back here. It was scary to write all that.
I’m just going to talk about my current philosophy this time.

Growth happens when you push your comfort zone and fears and gain a meaningful, learning experience of some kind. And we all have some form of a comfort zone and insecurities. Acknowledging it helps, it’s okay.Personally I do get competitive, inspired and temporarily fueled when I see others doing well (and then I look at myself to pinpoint what exactly I feel that I lack and unhappy about) but friendly rivalry (given that you’re not harmfully self depreciating) can only get you so far.

For the most part, I don’t like chasing these sorts of moving, impossible targets; tiresome and pointless to say the least. Competition helps but not as much as staying on track in improving yourself, believing in yourself and enjoying the journey (Fun, Progress, Grit as I say to myself). Sometimes chasing a few of these targets gets you past along the way so ultimately it’s up to what best for you in the long run. Just don’t let it consume your soul and self worth.

Perhaps the only moving target to chase is bettering yourself. Mastery is what I aim for and that in itself is a forever moving target. Which is why milestones are so important!

To get all motivational speaker-y:

Fight the usual self doubts, stop dwelling on the past and fears! Don’t let it paralyse you! Shifting your focus back to what you have, not fixate and live by what you lack compared to others is so important.

From there, become a better version of you and fight for what you want.
What’s important to you. If something’s not right and you’ve given things a reasonable go, change it.

Be adventurous! Have fun! Be creative! Be brave!
Take those little risks, make mistakes and build upon them!

There will be periods of self loathing and questioning of your worth; it just means you’re frustrated, angry*, depressed, hurt, rejected, struggling, finding out you did a mistake, feeling empty and growing. Hardship and dead ends too. All part of the journey and growth.
*yes I actually do get angry/annoyed haha; I care about things like anyone else

As much as you don’t believe it sometimes (as do I): You are worth it!

It’s a mental battle; ongoing mental/mind training.
True painful growth. Scary but it feels empowering and provides clarity due to the fact that you’re facing it.

Write about it, talk about it, read about it, exercise it off, have some fun, get some time for yourself; whatever healthy approach you need. And repeat. It never ends.

Become who you strive to be.

Change is the only certain thing in this world.
Good and bad, come what may.

Easier said than done of course which is why I keep repeating myself about this topic; it’s so easily forgotten. Life has its ways. And fears return to haunt you.
It has to be repeated. I’m still learning all this.

I wrote most of this section beforehand but in the previous week a friend bravely brought this up, her struggles; facing things head on. It was heartwarming to see a bunch of us coming together in support!
It goes to say that it’s a long journey. But you are not alone. (:

This is something many artists/creators deal with and care so much about.
If you’re one of the few who are reading this right now, I say to you (with or without metaphorically shaking your shoulders, whatever works):

Let’s cheer for us! 
Let’s keep fighting! Be free! 
Let’s go! (: 

Haha the cheese smells corny, doesn’t it?
Such mushy talk; it makes me awkwardly cringe sometimes out of embarrassment (and cynicism at worst because saying it is so so easy and we know it’s so difficult to do) and this is all coming from me! Haha but I do believe and strive to do what I say. You don’t have to agree.

Upcoming: Glovebox Short Film Animation Festival

Heads up that this is coming up for Position: Vacant

Sunday, January 25, 2015
2:20pm Animation I session
Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle Street, Cambridge, 
02138 Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Such a fancy banner (banner belongs to them)!
I shall be present in spirit or something! Just posting it up because they’ve included us in their festival and I wanted to show my appreciation for them. (:

The past 2 weeks: Talking and Selfies are scary

Yes! Finally released the Hermit Derpcast! The anticipation is so scary!
I’m numb from listening to my own voice! But I’m really glad I’m getting myself to talk more as it’s a weakness of mine. This is me trying things!It’s amusing because I used to create fake radio shows via cassette tape recordings when I was a little tot; that’s how I used to entertain myself. Rambling to myself. Then record it! And here I am now, doing it online. Full circle perhaps. Except this time I’m embarrassing myself in front of you hahaAnd I did this gif of Hermit Derp just like the previous milestone.
Taking selfies for showing just on this blog is still a weird experience; I don’t do it often and I didn’t plan to do it.And then my previous one was bugging me recently and I told myself, “Why not. Who really cares. Why should I care what others think.” Wreh. I guess “as you get older, the more you don’t care what others think” is true in my case.How do people do this. Having everything depend on one snapshot was too hard; I’m no professional photographer (maybe I’ll be an amateur one someday when I can afford to)! I just did random snaps and faces and picked a few.

Embarrassing Faces of Hoomin Hermit Derp
To be done else I’ll be invisible and unrecognised otherwise apparently

In terms of art, my path gets clearer each step I take and then it gets foggy in places when I understand that I’d never feel 110% completely ready when faced with a challenge, let alone a challenge that comes out of the blue.

The annoying Imposter Syndrome is so common for creatives. Aye.
You just need to do what feels true and right to you. Once decided, believe in yourself, pump up that confidence and charge ahead. It’s difficult to do of course; but you then realise that you just have to DO IT, not over think things!

The only certain thing for me is that I’ll keep learning as always; anything else is up in the air. It’s wonderfully exciting and terrifying at once (haha I’ve said this at least 2-3 times in the past handful of years)!

It can’t always be exciting as the mundane, quiet or difficult moments are very much needed. Without lows, there wouldn’t be highs on the rollercoaster of your life; heights dependent on the risks and choices you make.

Ultimately: Life is an adventuuure! Woo! 😀

Thank you for your company and bearing with my rambling!
Keep fighting and adventuuuring you!