Y1W34 Gazing down at the universes of People and Spheres

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Bizarre, epic titles, yeah!

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

Am I getting the hang of this collage thing? Welp who knows.

Year 1, Week 34 (3rd to 9th Sep)

  • Arm and shoulder strain self reminder
  • Gestures, People Drawing, Derp Doodles, Learning: wooo and some other studies too. Hello.
Umbre-ellaaa tulip dress and…Super show Mario?
I forgot how florescent yellow doesn’t work for me
Realised this gel pen was too messy
Violet highlighters are sweeet
  • SDC 2014 (Pencil Kings): practice and studies. Some of this is just me exploring after finishing the exercises.
Day 1 & 2 Warm ups, Scribbly revision notes on tone, Playing around and Spheres. Free shiny Balls for everyone! Ignore the sick Derp. Both trying different brushes and trying different painting techniques. Jumping around as it’s been quite a while since I did a still life. Smooth transitions was through a lot of painting, blending and patience.
Days 3 to 7 was full of still life via templates. Took a while but hullo.
Days 3 to 7 More still life practice. Gosh I didn’t bother with the tissue box, metal jug and horse patterns here but I got some practice! Don’t know if I’m getting faster or not as I still prefer fun drawing with lines over painting. Just slightly more though as painting really fleshes out things which is fun in its own right.

Other Adventures: 

  • Games (watching bits or all of it): hey there.
    • Okami – Arc 3 ending, feels wonderful reliving playing it! Ah to think a direct sequel with Ammy will never come about.
    • Resident Evil 6 – Chris & Piers
    • Mario Galaxy – snippets
    • Claire
    • Prison Break – ah so much nonsense
    • Infamous First Light
    • Darkwood
    • Shadow of Mordor
    • Hatoful Boyfriend – more nonsense
    • D’s Diner: Director’s Cut
    • Worms
    • 7 Days to Die
    • Sims 4
    • Gryphon Knight
    • Phobia
    • Heroes of the Storm
  • Workstation Approach: makeshift standing “desk” report! Didn’t do anything that resembles standing in the past week because I haven’t fully recovered from my cold. I’m starting to stand again as I work and as a result, I’m not as sore! Just need to retrain myself standing though as leg fatigue gets real bad. Ouch, 6 weeks are needed apparently to get used to it…or something.
  • Doctor Who Series 8 Ep 2 Into the Dalek: an episode exploring morality and darkness. Mr Pink Teacher guy is adorably amusing. Not fully comfortable with Peter Calpadi yet but I like it that way (in a good way) at the moment.
  • Doctor Who Series 8 Ep 3 Robot of Sherwood: (dry laugh) ha ha ha hah! “We’re all stories in the end. Make it a good one,” is what comes to mind.
  • Cleaning up and sorting everything in terms of memory storage continues and finished! Yes! It feels sooo good deleting old things away! There was some technical things I can’t afford or know how to do yet so I’ll leave it to another time.
  • Dreams are weird and don’t make sense but teleportation was sweet and talking to people from the other side of the planet was surreal
  • Automation & its effect on Employment: does this mean it will come to a point where jobs and money are not necessary anymore? Hm!
  • Music (OST): Since watching Pitch Perfect last time, I found myself listening to their acapella soundtrack…ruh roh
  • Movies: Yes I usually watch things that are not current because as mentioned before, I’m way behind on them & movies are a luxury for me
    • Her – a lot of food for thought on relationships and explores a possible future with AI. Though if technology has advanced to that level, I do wonder what jobs are left for humans to do. Certainly left me introspective about the future for a while.
    • a bit of Much Ado About Nothing (2012) – just because I studied it in Year 11 Literature (surprise surprise) and I remember with amusement voicing as Claudio mockingly at the very moment when he expressed his sudden change of heart and remorse when Hero was apparently dead. He wanted her to die right before.
    • The Avengers – yes I am watching this for the first time and no I am not kidding when I say I live under a rock. Not a heroes comic person so here I am, curious about the hoopla about this movie aside from the good vfx, cinematography, action scenes and costumes. Is it smirking Loki, the movie? Or Iron Man is cool movie? Jokes aside, it’s a good, well made action film. I understand where all the tumblr gifs and one liners such as “I’m always Angry” come from now.

Reflection for the Week

Waugh; sleeping patterns all crazy!

I’ve been sleeping after meals when I was heavily sick so now that I’m almost getting better…I don’t know anymore. I sleep through 2 naps a day now, totaling to 6-8 hours a day and I get headaches sometimes. Definitely stuffed up my sleeping patterns. Hoping to fix this up eventually. Truly the hermit life.Not feeling 100% so I’ll leave this section short.

Thanks for peeping & keep adventuuuring you! And take breaks! (: