Y1W33 Shiny crimson sequin curtains & getting mega infected

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

Ah heavy colds and fevers are fun. I kid with heavy sarcasm of course.
But it means my immunity system is putting up a great fight and I ultimately look forward to it winning the battle.

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

I actually turned around and had a hard look at these vivid curtains when I was on stage. Almost everything in the theatre was vibrant reds and blacks. Whoaaa. Pretty. This is just a poor portrayal of it though.

Year 1, Week 33 (27th Aug to 2nd Sep)

  • Client work
  • Arm and shoulder strain self reminder
  • Shading Drawing Challenge 2014 (SDC2014): well started this but didn’t go far! Remember the Figure Drawing Challenge I finished a while back? Arguably the title of this challenge sounds unique and bizarre to me but what do I know. Well it’s now dubbed as SDC2014 where I revise the basics of lighting.
    • To give you an idea, the start so far reminds me of Year 8 Art and VCE VisCom…and hey the fact that I remember Year 8 Art surprises me! The moments when I did Year 7, 8 Art and VCE VisCom…I remember fondly! (:
    • I digress, I’m doing this just so I’ll do some more practice really. I am content with that. I am not sure what I’m getting myself into…as in how far this challenge really goes in terms of content and difficulty. If there’s new things to learn, then it’s a bonus! I don’t know right now though so I’m not going to review it yet!
    • I’ll do my own take on the assignments anyway so feel free to see my efforts in the next post! I hope your eyes don’t bleed!
  • Gestures, People Drawing, Derp Doodles, Learning: wooo. Hello.
Heads return! Whoa! They’re weird!
I can sense my 14 year old red texta dying
  • Position: Vacant Screening at Bayside Film Festival and Q&A Recap!
    • found out that the audience was maybe 35 to 45 secondary students; I didn’t think I would talk to the “next generation” already! :O
    • had the screening and answered three general questions with a microphone after two other cool filmmakers/animators.
    • got a random offer of Pepsi and cigarettes out of politeness(?) after the Q&A…bold of you to ask me as well…just no thanks…and I don’t smoke sir!
    • headache/throat symptoms…the cold started this day!
General questions the host asked…this was the gist of the first two? It was an on the spot “here’s the microphone, come up with something and give your answer brief and fast and tell the audience” kind of situation so…I kept it short. No I wasn’t staring at the curtain when answering as drawn here, I just wanted to reuse the same picture I did haha. I was indeed facing the audience in the real thing. Things I would like to add further to my answers if I had prepared in advance:

    • First question…How to work in animation/get into the industry: Oh dear. I can’t even say I’m in the industry, so technically I’m not in the position to be asked…take the following with a grain of salt. Just note that I was asked along because I graduated in 3D animation last year (2013 for those of you in the future) to represent someone who’s “fresh out in the real world” compared to the other experienced guests so to speak. Anyhoo here goes…
      • Just do what you enjoy firstmost and develop a wondrous, unique way with it, not what you think you “should” be doing and don’t enjoy.
      • Collaborate with people with the same mindset with a mixture of different, complementary and interesting skill-sets.
      • There are so many online tutorials and resources out there. Do what works for you. Try different things!
      • Respectfully learn from people doing what you want to do (especially don’t be a bad way of creepy), or read about them or observe and analyse their work.
      • Get feedback from people you trust and value in term of teaching, skill and experience.
      • Have fun where possible too! Things can’t be always perfect. Progress is what matters!
      • This is an incredibly hard and difficult journey so be emotionally prepared for every bit of it, even the mundane/unfortunate parts (I’ve heard this one so many times myself). Eventually, things won’t work out as you want them to, for better or for worse. Job opportunities are incredibly scarce and fiercely competitive; I won’t go into the depressing statistics that gets passed around, just know that “it’s not impossible” to get somewhere. This applies to many fields.
      • Ultimately it’s the sweet combination of ideas, brilliant execution plus being a genuine kind person to people. It’s all up to you.
    • Second question was easier…what tools we used for PV? Maya, After effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop, Zbrush, Nuke, phone cameras
    • Last question…what are my current/next projects? I’ve just started to freelance a little and I’m sworn to secrecy until my client(s) themselves start talking about it first…so there you go! And my personal projects are too early in development for me to say anything meaningful and concrete about it. They’ve been taking a backseat anyway lately so waugh.
  • Avatar/Profile picture/Hooplaheepblajhawhatsits Change: Since it might change in the distant future, I’ll post it here for the sake of documentation…? Eh. Derpface again. I am sooo boring haha
I didn’t really change it too much from the previous one but I wanted to redo it for fun. The worst of the fever and the “drifting in & out of consciousness stage” has passed at this point so I was able to “art” a little again. Yes Derp has that expression of startled surprise, curiosity and/or apprehension again because that’s how Derp rolls. Or she’s displaying moments of ignorance, spacing out and obliviousness. Who really knows. :O

Other Adventures: 

  • Games (watching bits or all of it): hullo?
    • Minecraft and Garry’s Mod shenanigans
    • Okami – Arc 3
    • Resident Evil 6 – Chris & Piers
    • Mario Galaxy – snippets
    • Lethal League
    • The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 – intense storytelling plus 5 distinct endings to my surprise (3 of 5 I felt were great)…how is Season 3 going to work? :O
    • SpeedRunners
    • Deep Sleep, Deeper Sleep, Deepest Sleep
    • Silent Hills PT more analysed playthrough
    • Metro 2033 Redux
    • InFamous First Light
    • Evolve
    • Prison Break
    • Tug the Table
    • Mount your friends
    • Max Gentlemen
    • Garfield’s Nightmare
    • Don’t Escape
  • Workstation Approach: makeshift standing “desk” report!
    • Alternating between standing and sitting in combination with better sleeping quarters really helped my soreness in my back, shoulders, neck and arms.
    • Feeling much better but the habit is still not settled in and I am waiting to get a mat so I can stand up longer.
    • And then I get heavily sick so I just went to bed haha.
  • Tax records: Still slaying this boss. Because I can’t get registered online properly still business-wise. Did my tax return instead though. Yay!
  • Music (OST): Nuclear – Mike Oldfield thanks to MGSV…I keep humming this! Standing…on the edge…
  • Cleaning up and sorting everything in terms of memory storage but didn’t finish as the illness came along
  • Movies: well I got sick and couldn’t focus so I watch these from my hermit cave
    • The Monkey King 2014 – Donnie’s movements are skillfully convincing as a monkey but…the movie was painful to watch. Sometimes it looks pretty and the costumes are well done. The narrative and the CG were unbearable and unrelatable…I just watched a good amount of the beginning 30 minutes or so and decided to quit. To think they’re going to do a sequel…why!
    • Pitch Perfect – good one off watch. I don’t get “Fat Amy”/Rebel’s sense of humour though but she’s queen of embracing awkward moments. The general lesson is don’t shut everyone out, don’t do the same thing again if it doesn’t work out and try new things and experiences. The harmony within the acapella is sweet.
    • I tried a few other movies a bit but I lost interest
  • Pixar’s Short Lava trailer: confused and intrigued about lava

Reflection for the Week

What are people? 

Okay I was feeling better earlier from my sniffles in the week but then that went down the drain! My immunity system must be real bad lately because it happened just when I’ve started to go out a bit again with the festival screening too. I’ve caught a real heavy cold in the past week…so the shutting myself in continues so I get better faster.Yes I call it a *huge* infection this time because my brain is heavy, not 100% functional and in pain. Plus a lot of phlegm, loud coughing, mucus, many more heavy, restless granny naps, trouble breathing, 18 pills a day, everything tasting bland, lost of appetite…you get the picture. And then a fever came along and I became a boulder that didn’t budge no matter what my bro was doing to me to wake up. It’s been over a decade since I got my last fever though so this is the most ill I’ve been in a long while as I think about it. Fevers…it’s still as terrible as I remembered haha. I’ve had worse cold symptoms in the distant past though…let’s just say I’m real glad I’m not vomiting everything I ate and being treated with asthma puffs on top of the other mentioned symptoms. I really miss eating delicious congee though.

Okay I’ve complained my fill. Didn’t think another post of complaining about my health would happen but waugh** is my answer to that.
**My blog documents my mundane and low moments too so heed this dire warning! 

Haven’t been too productive artwise as a result but taking it in stride!

Hopefully next week will be better

Falling ill got me to take an art break? That’s the positive!

I’ve been resting and sleeping much more in this past week so it goes away asap but also because I can’t stay focused or awake! And then I’ll have to catch up with things and reorient myself in terms of planning! :O

In the meantime, as always, keep adventuuuring you!
It’s not over unless you choose to! (: