Y1W32 September around the corner

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

Hopefully this font is easier to read; wider and rounder.

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

Collage! I need to tone the brightness down next time whoops.

Year 1, Week 32 (20th to 26th Aug)

  • Client work
  • Arm and shoulder strain self reminder
  • Gestures, People Drawing, Derp Doodles, Learning: here I am trying different things; maybe it’s progressively going weirder. Mashing more categories together.
Florescent Yellow doesn’t work for me
What happens when the same camera still gives me different looking lighting conditions.
This attempt at a photo collage thing doesn’t look that great
I didn’t realise how powerful my red whiteboard marker was.
Ooh not so good photo.
 And then my blue highlighter died.

  • Character/s for the Week: hello!

Other Adventures: 

  • Games (watching bits or all of it): hullo. Is it this section you’re looking for?
    • Minecraft and Garry’s Mod shenanigans
    • Okami – Arc 3 – watching for nostalgic reasons as I’ve played it once through in another lifetime and though I wasn’t a “completionist” it was an awesomely wonderful experience. I play games for the fun, engaging experience firstmost, over the competition, achievements and gaining a crazy amount of skill level.
    • Resident Evil 6 – Jake & Sherry ending …never truly dying antagonist surfing on lava?! What in the world? Just enjoying the chaos.
    • Mario Galaxy – snippets for the nostalgia…
    • Infamous: Second Son both endings
    • Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death – just the ending as the gameplay got tiring to witness
    • doubleactiongame
    • Just more Five Nights at Freddy’s from different perspectives and to see all nights fully completed. Shock factor gone by now (jump scares don’t last once novelty wears off). It’s a stressful management game to keep surviving, full of jump scares and creepy, dark undertones.
    • CounterSpy
    • Back to Bed – surrealism in game form
    • Left4Dead 2 Mod multiplayer
    • Taxi
    • Early Access Darkwood
  • Workstation Approach: my own makeshift standing “desk” report! Feet and legs in pain continues and realised I need to slowly ease into standing more rather than stand all day until my legs collapse.
    • Why do I unintentionally injure myself. Why.
    • At least I don’t mind standing in the same spot as much and I appreciate sitting more.
    • This is not the same as my previous career as I got to walk and move about despite being on my legs most of the day!
  • Mercenary Kings (played): Played co-op but we are terrible! Can’t even do one mission in the one session we played. I was *really* thrown off by the controls on the keyboard probably because I’m so rusty and bad at video games.
  • On Guilt tripping: if it’s unwanted and imposing, it’s not cool and manipulative instead. But many of us have done it either in seriousness or jest and when you’re on the receiving end: it may or may not push us forward.
    • Just…make sure you’re not being disrespected. :O
    • Yes this is out of the blue, I’m just rambling. I just have low tolerance when it happens without any respect and the guilt tripper is incredibly narrow minded.
  • Doctor Who Series 8 Ep 1 Deep Breath: another wonderful breath of fresh air (ha) and entertaining ride with the new angry eyebrows Doctor Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. There’s probably plot loop holes everywhere but I watch for the adventure while the streams of continuity, lessons learned and symbolism brings it all together. Enjoyed it.
  • Tax records: Time to slay this beast again. Time consuming but I need to redo it all over from the ground up to make it more easier for me to update in the long run. The first time attempt didn’t work out as it’s even more intimidating to add to it. Trying to figure out something sustainable. This took a huge chunk of my time but it’s a necessary puzzle to solve!
    • On a side note, I find this incredibly satisfying to finally work out a rough gist on the tricky challenge known as accounting for myself. Not that I have hundreds of stuff to sort through but it was messy and confusing to begin with and yet I reorganised and did it within two days (as someone who’s figuring it out). It’s also incredibly amusing, seeing how I dreaded the tediousness of accounting and I was expected to do it for a career when I was a pressured Asian Australian teen. The heavy jargon was really the thing that overwhelmed me, not the mathematics itself during my introductory Accounting studies back then. It has finally come full circle. I hope I didn’t do anything incorrect!
  • Females in the Games Industry: the fact that it’s even a topic of discussion means it’s still an ongoing concern, in light of the controversy, debate and drama in recent weeks. In the end, I still have hope that things will slowly improve for all of us.

Reflection for the Week


I realise that the lines are blurred between the “Other Adventures” and this section. Well I’ve changed it up so that most things with topics, hobbies, interests and themes will go there while here I shall just make it more focused on reflecting the whole week with you (as originally intended).Optimistically speaking…hopefully a more shorter section here as a result?

Ha. Ha. Ha…

You know my writing style too well.

September already?! 

Hm it has been a lot sorting and reorganising thus far so it’s pretty much updates full of doodles by default!

The coming month will be crazy fun. I don’t plan too ahead in advance at all because unexpected things are usually around the corner. That and I just want to experience the journey, doing what I enjoy and see where it leads me.

To give you a heads up…I believe:

  • a 4 week challenge for September,
  • perhaps another client project I shall reveal to you another time (but I’m sure you can guess what it is if you have been spotting the clues),
  • 2-3 personal projects where possible
  • and of course, wonderful and glorious learning.

I’m taking things a month at a time but my long term goal is to improve, create characters and engaging story moments as always. (:

Something happened today?

Ah by the time this gets posted, I would have done my film screening at Bayside Film Festival today…I believe.

Shall talk about it (if it happens) next time! :O

Thanks for coming along & keep adventuuuring you!