Y1W15 “Epic Air Guitar Solo” and getting Zombiefied

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

In this post: Where I prod along anyway with an onset of a cold. I tell people I’m infected as I really don’t want to spread it to anyone else if I could help it.

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

Save My Tribe: Playing around again. Had too much fun with this guy. Colours!! Awkward anatomy from memory! And I need to practice more and move on from looking at this. I’m nitpicky.

Year 1, Week 15 (23rd to 29th Apr)

  • Reviewing the Graphic Design process again: I finally got around to making templates for estimates and invoices. It wasn’t extremely fun, took my time figuring it out but I made it look presentable at least.
  • Arm strain; Why don’t you go away for good! Being rhetorical here. I rested whenever it seems like it’s going to flare up so don’t worry. It’s turning out to be a cycle especially when I forget about my arm’s limits.
  • Digital gestures: of flexible people. Look at these chicken scratches. Didn’t really care where I was drawing as I had to keep it to 60 seconds each! I imagine that I would collapse and just lie there if I actually attempted these poses. Violet on Indigo; makes it more nicer to look at. And apparently bodies can merge into one another…

  • Study buddy fun times: I realise how especially bad I am at anatomy as I kept reattempting it 3-4 times over because I was noodling [haha] around so much, trying to remember how to construct it without reference. I find that everything needs improvement; everything looks off to me. Horrible anatomy. I even started to clean up the lines and tired to fix it further along the way but knew I just haven’t practiced construction from memory and I should just move on.
I can’t do this just out of memory alone right now. I’ll show you what I’m talking about when I can do a before/after comparison thing. Right now it’s just too embarrassing. To be fair, it is still the “before fully studying the full human body” stage. I plan to do that in a couple of months onwards.
  • Drawing practice: making marks and scribbles at this point. But the little art kid inside of me got excited again with other materials when I was uncluttering my art materials. I might actually use my crayons, tiny remaining pieces of chalk, cheap texta, highlighters, stash of hard and soft graphite pencils…all of which are over a decade old and dusty. I’m not game to use my stocked up acrylics, oil pastels and inks as I don’t have the workspace and the expensive paper/canvas required for them. I’m sticking to dry media for now. Maybe when I’m not as sick.
  • Anatomy studying: The head continues! Hooray! Let me be silly here.
  • “Stone” Project: starting an ongoing secret (not for money) thing.
  • Character Design per day Challenge: I did say I’d do it in April but didn’t work out and unfortunately I have to start this challenge next week instead! I’m too optimistic yes. 
  • Copy Paper Tower Challenge: Actually finished my first makeshift People Doodles booklet/”sketchbook” made out of A5 Maths Copy Paper for April! Hooray. I didn’t fill every page though (there was Maths on them and some of the outer pages were so worn out).
  • People Drawing: where I draw people. I am Captain Obvious. Fun and practice. Yes people still tell me that I need a sketchbook, not A4 sheets clipped together as an A5 booklet. But again, I’ve got my tower of copy paper to go through! But! As I said in the previous dot point, I finally loosely finished one of them booklets! I made a quick new one now. I might throw these away eventually when they take too much space; I’ve got digital versions here on the blog anyway to embarrass myself with.
Does practicing on low quality recycled paper make me a hipster? If so, so be it!
People jokingly calling me a hipster…actually made me wonder if I really am a hipster.
And if there is such thing as a hipster as people rarely behave vastly different from the rest nowadays as there’s probably others who kind of act and dress similarly to you out there.
Twinning! If you’re an animator, you know what I’m talking about!
Bottoms and feet
I don’t know what I did to her face. Whenever I realise I did a likeness mistake I tend to write “woooo” or “ooooo” to remind myself to move on and have fun with it instead!
Living with my mistakes. They all look scary. (:
She was hungry. Now all that’s left is her head.
Evil faced lady: She was laughing really loudly in an evil, chatty way with her company of people and was happily holding her baby. Her baby looked confused. Good luck baby.
Looking at this makes me sad. I didn’t finish this page.
A train signal box exploded into fire and several train lines were KO’ed which caused some external grief.
Took me longer than usual; was sick and tired
I don’t like most of these; it’s something though
Realising I also wished I had a pillow to sit on [at the time]
It’s okay but I’m not that happy with this.

Other Adventures: 

  • Games (watching): Pokemon Nuzlocke, Yakuza 4 ending (WHOA), Garry’s Mod shenanigans, Dark Souls II (yes it’s relatively boring to watch but good background noise and rough visuals), Resident Evil 4, Grave (horror indie game with procedural environments and too much motion blur), 189 Ride or Die, Minecraft
  • The Witness Game: Found out about this game in the past week and the graphics and how it’s all composed is incredibly meltworthy (meaning that it makes me melt with gooey awe, joy and goodness inside; my new word since I described Kung Fu Panda’s visual art style that way!). Sweet colourful stylisation and graphics. I am not sure if I would actually be good at playing it but I’m game to try it and explore its world. But I do have a long backlog of games I might not get to in the near future; perhaps in the distant future.
  • Listening to some Smooth McGroove acapella game tunes, especially the Zelda nostalgia, bittersweet sadness and adventurous vibes I get from this latest one.
  • Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Direct: Aside from the poorly chosen narrator at various points, this was pleasantly spontaneous though pacing is a tad slow. This game looks incredibly fun, fully developed from levels, music, gimmicks and an actual counter for the blue shell! I wished metal Peach and Mario didn’t exist though and how they kept insisting it’s “Bowser’s Minions”. Still it looks amazing and am looking forward to it overall. Very impressed they compared speeds between karts and bikes for the hardcore gaming racers, the random Haikus, the wonderful musicians section, Mario’s hilarious bouncing mustache in slow motion and the floating Space Toads reminded me of the movie Gravity!
  • The Armello Game needs to reach its goal and time is running out; help out if you want the game!

Reflection for the Week

Derp loses against the Common Cold
Because of my bad lack of sleep lately (low immunity) and I probably caught it off someone…I’ve gotten a cold. (Will there ever be a year where I won’t get sick at all? I ask this every time I get sick for the first time in a given year. No one enjoys getting sick and I wouldn’t want to be the one to infect someone else.)As usual, made sure people knew about it (I always warn people but this time around, made a sign: “Keep Back! I’m infected! Hello though.” and used it to cover my mouth when I talk sometimes), that they kept a good distance away from me (otherwise it’s at their own risk!) and stayed in my hermit cave where possible.

Promptly just went ahead, drank water and slept more so I get better faster. Just that my throat’s bad, nose runny and I’m incredibly sleepy than usual now. It’s not as bad because I’m dealing with it at its onset. 
Okay I feel like a dead-weight sinking into the ocean; the heavy symptoms hit me in full force with the headache and disgusting phelgm. Still if you’re sick, you might as well take care of yourself firstmost; don’t want to prolong it!

Early bird versus Night Owl
I’ve usually been a night owl but somehow this cold made it possible for me to sleep relatively earlier and now I have started to wake up really early. Crazy weird for me but let’s see what happens and how long it lasts as I feel like I’m actually getting more things done. Am I in another dimension?

Derp versus Facebook
I cut down on Facebook heaps; I’ve hardly used it in the past week. Probably 3-4 hours for the week in total; 15-30 minutes a day. So success! Just assume that I don’t know what exciting things you’ve done this morning; talking in person about it would be better instead! And few people actually message, comment or tag me anyway. (:

When I finally did take a gander at the amazing art out there, I decided to limit those feeds as it tends to distract me too much and I still can’t help but compare myself harshly against them fruitlessly. It is inspiring, a touch of positive competitiveness, along with a reality check from the best in the industry but it becomes time consuming and I don’t want to be too influenced by what’s currently out there either. I’ll still look at art but not through social media (it tends to become a time sink there); I’ve collected heaps of inspiration on my computer too. Think of it as my usual black sheep/outcast mode. I just need to stay focused in the present and my own interpretation of life first-most at this stage.

Journey so Far
The cliche:

The only thing in your way is:


And you know it.

Limits and fears are just part of the illusion of your mind.

But take care of yourself too, it’s a life long marathon as they say, not a sprint! Make it fun too!

For me it’s especially true this week as my horrible cold is making me more slow, a bit concerned about my loose plans, really not comfortable with current circumstances (arguably a good thing!) and relative non-productivity but I managed to keep myself on track when I recognised these thoughts. I’m still glad I got off the school bus (it’s a long running metaphor for my old career).

Now I’m just on a slower train on the art learning track, taking breaks to reflect at train stops at each tiny milestone. Such an exciting and scary ride sometimes though. Choo-choo! I’ll get better…soon.

Whoa, it’s the month of May already!

Hey you, have some fun times but keep focused and back on track afterwards!

Until next time, Leonie