Week 51 Handful of bones and pen doodles

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

Derp. Some random holding a ball point pen.

Week 51 (1st to 7th Jan)

  • Skeletal Studies: I probably played around with these too much. Kept experimenting.
Arms, Legs and Assorted bones rough studies
Bunch of Bones
Hard Surface Metallic Skeleton? Too shiny.
Apologies for your eyeballs. My bro recently got into Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure the anime and made me utilise “Jojo poses” to make it more interesting. Well.
What is this.
  • NAC Compositional and Colour Studies
Page 16 on Frederic Church

  • Arm strain: my left hand is somewhat strained now? What. Break time.
  • Sketchpad adventuuures: This is an old, cheap, glossy paper pad (bad for with lead/graphite) I bought 5 years ago but never used.

It’s been so long but under this new tag “sketchpad adventuuures”, it is where I’ll be doing my old figure studies adventuures from various websites, just doodling what I enjoy during my downtime and other random rough stuff. (:

Derp Self portrait doodle
More poses; yes my horribly laggy but hardworking laptop
Caricatures and poses
Portraits and figures
She’s loving it, whatever it is on her mind. Starting to find some models scary looking. Their samey expression as they stare into your soul. Everything is pretty and well groomed plus some generous helpings of good photography and photoshop though.
Another page of random
And another
I keep wondering how photoshopped the original photo was
Some weird interesting fashion
She looks like she’s celebrating
I make heads huge sometimes
Fashion statements. I don’t understand them but they’re interesting to look at!
Poses and gestures. No, I’m not advertising Windows.
I did 40 ish other horrible unidentified gestures but I’ll show you another derpy self portrait instead. So pleased with my new headphones; they don’t give me a headache like my half working one did.
  • Daily drawing scribbles practice
  • GU: did some embarrassing video reference
  • PV illustration: got feedback at last and decided to redraw the illustration from scratch.
  • PV team reunion (kind of): got to get back to work! Found myself redoing and re-rendering shots for promo purposes and made new end credits. Ah Maya, we meet again.
  • Train Adventuuures: real people I saw on trains! Oooh!
Mostly people are too tired or occupied on the train. But during the time I was drawing this page, there was a lovely couple talking and laughing softly and the lady kept giving him cheek kisses. Aw. (:

Other Adventures: section now goes here!

  • Batman Arkham Origins (watching): not a hero comic person but curiosity at play here. Deathstroke = apparently Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles in one, Alfred being professionally awesome, Batman just a beat’em up stubborn guy, Joker and Harley meeting for the first time, gun/shield/knife/jammer guys, Gordon/Alfred/Joker and Batman learning more about their place and situation…it seems like an alright game but not substantially different from what’s already out there in terms of gameplay. Storywise it just ties things together when Batman met Joker and Gordon really. For me I understand more about the world of Gotham City as I previously had no clue. But…I’m no Batman fan. What do I know.
  • Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Christmas Episode: All I could think of is “Hey, the old Play School actor is in it”. The toe chopping thing was gruesome though.
  • Dead Rising 3 (watching): whoa…barfing possessive hungry woman.
  • Resident Evil 2 (watching): fish lips Leon, how he doesn’t have headshots aside from the first cutscene, Ada’s “death”, how no one listens to Leon and rock guitar end credits.
  • I have no Mouth and I must Scream (watching): Er, Ted and a distorted world of how he sees himself, obsession with himself and how Ellen should feel the same?! The player got the perfect ending and went against AM’s expectations though.
  • Disaster Day of Crisis (watching): shoveling lava, mudslide/river rapids, wacky skydiving…!
  • Yakuza 4 (watching): Dating with Lily, a mountain of money and a severed pinky as an apology, rapid kicks, suicide gun and running training and weird shopping options.
  • Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies DLC case (watching): figured I need to finish watching this silly case. DePlume’s button physics really don’t make sense. The animated Orla songs were so painfully corny. Rimes going all super saiyan just bewildered me. What actually made me laugh incredulously was when Orla was cross examined and when she gave Wright a special gift. The case’s final breakdown was underwhelming. Finally finished this.
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (playing): Had to do the start of the Gales dungeon thrice because I turned it off without saving. Finished the Hera tower in a day but it made my left hand strain worse because the handheld is so big. Then Lorule dungeons! Nothing surprised me yet. I do like the flash of Dark Link when you head over to the other kingdom. The dungeons are quite alright; not terribly hard. I refuse to accept any game overs! Instead, I simply quit the game to start over. Fun Zelda!
  • Spawn Armageddon (watching): What is this. So much crazy monsters and super powers.
  • Biker Mice from Mars (watching): What is this game. Clear ripoff of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes (watching): Mr Fantastic’s rubbery transformations are disturbing

Reflection for the Week

  • Finding that I’m embracing my cartoony style more; it’s what I enjoy the most. I’ll still keep exploring realism and life though as that’s fun too. (:
  • Punching negativity in the face helps. Taking breaks away from it all a bit helps also. Keep forgetting this when I get too busy, overwhelmed and isolated.
  • You are never “good enough” as there’s always more to learn. It’s a wonderful thing to remind oneself. (: Another reminder to self: Keep learning, experience new things and take things in stride (due to fast changes of the industry and the fact no one’s special over everyone else).
  • Arm strain update:  well my working arm is not strained anymore (it can get a bit stiff which is a signal for me to take a break) but my other one is because of playing the DS XL. Great. I use that for keyboard use too so I’ve been trying to change things up. Though I do exercise, I still need to look into my sore shoulders and spine due to poor posture.
  • Getting extremely tight on my savings as I keep an ear out for positions so more reason to work harder.
  • A lot of doodling this past week along with some projects I can’t show yet.

Why, it’s week 51 already! What does this mean for us next week? Probably just another post?
Thanks for reading & feel free to comment below! (:

Until next time, Leonie