Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Me and my eggs

Hullo again!

I've been sick with the cold since last Wednesday/Thursday, so I said to myself: "I might as well revamp my profile picture, background picture and header!"

But let's rewind: Originally I was starting to learn Blender in class after the fast runthroughs into the program by my teacher. I practiced modeling my parachuting UUUinfinity egg here in Blender, retoped in 3Dcoat, painted in Mudbox and rendered out a turnaround in Maya.

I didn't want it to be anything too complex. It can probably be done better but then again, I'm not really going for the realistic route here.
This one is the same as the first one but is less strong in terms of colour. Would you prefer this paler one?

Wee...falling into unknown territory below!
I learned how parachutes are actually made I guess...there's a hole at the top for one thing!

And here's the turnaround where the last second is clipped off somewhat due to an error.

Yet not long after finishing this, is when the cold struck so productivity levels were at a low but I managed to redo my parachute egg logo and two new self portraits (in between being cursed with a tiny anvil going at my forehead/brain, my nose eloping with my ability to breathe properly with a fountain of goo in its place instead, muscles aching everywhere, random dry coughing and my throat shriveling up).
Ah, Illustrator, it's been a while. There are differences from the old one mind you. Do you notice anything different?
Here are my current self portraits I've made in Illustrator. Decided to use the cropped up version of the one on the right as my avatar/profile picture. Increasingly I'm finding that I don't mind drawing myself as much. Probably because I have no one willing whom I can draw. But please note: Presentation image only; actual results may vary. (:

Okay, I need to take a break!
Getting stressed out a bit/concerned due to this cold, as I can't concentrate much at all! I got stuff to do requiring my brain to focus but I currently can't! The small heatwave over the weekend doesn't help the situation either. (Note that I have long planned to do the things in this post, thus I was able to do these). 

What a great beginning to my summer holidays; let's just say I get to be slow in doing things now due to this cold and somehow (though I am somewhat doubtful of this) I magically am able to do the things I plan to do. The thing is, it keeps turning out that I'm too optimistic in my plans.

Thanks for looking! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated!
Until next time, UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity
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