Life Drawing 5 – Stool and the Bespectacled Male

Life Drawing jiggling goodness (there was music going on in this session).
Did this on the 13th of November.
I went from pencil to smudgy charcoal/conte.
Quick 30 sec poses

This guy just gets on with things! 1 min and 2 mins as documented this time!
5 minute poses with pencil
10 and 15 minute poses. Enjoying how the session gets into it. Some various studies. Lack of anatomical study is showing here.
20 minute pose with lots of drapery I didn’t capture too well.
15 minute pose with the stool revealed from all that drapery!

The butcher paper was very smooth and made the charcoal/conte very smudgy. It looks faded out now and the mobile photos of them didn’t help make it look better either.

Thanks for looking! (:
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