Friday, August 31, 2012

Scrumptious Apples and Hot Springs

Hey there! Going to post some 3D things I've done as a complete beginner!
Constructive Feedback is welcome! (:

First Still Life in 3D: Modeled, Textured and so on all by me. The water droplets need some work. I might other fruit later on the track so consider this as a Work in Progress! Some people liked the lighting choices I made due the stylised look to it.

3D Environment Project
There was an Environment Project based on a theme. I created a secluded hot spring with healing properties built within a tree trunk for the Greek god and goddesses of healing.

Concept Art: I didn't have the time to polish, colour and refine it but I had the basic concepts there at least.
An invention was required in the Project brief so here's my concept art for my hot spring's altar
My small tree that stands next to my trunk. I won't show my other presentation renders as they're more embarrassing! I actually went around to take photos to get my textures here.

Tree Trunk Presentation Shot: the photos themselves I did not create (most from cgtextures.com) though I painted and merged many different ones to make my trunk texture.

Finished Exterior Rendered still of my tree trunk with only the main lighting on. This is complete with splinters, pillars, tiny roof and tiny tree. Note that it's not meant to be on a mountain; the ground is meant to keep expanding but it needed to be cut off into a square.

Front: Exterior Still Render with all lighting on.

3/4 View of the Exterior

Interior Entrance looking inside

The altar in 3D. The water and steam gases among other things are far from what I wanted but it's my first environment, I guess!

Another shot of my altar. Note for the interior stills, it used to take 6-7 hours to output just one but I managed to bring it down to an hour. And I had 250 x 4 stills to render for just the interior!

Another entrance shot. These are all the stills I could render out completely. One would have seen the water, tree roots and all that more but there was no time due to how long it takes it render out.

That's it for now; still busy with the current project!

Thanks for reading and for the support! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated! Until next time from, UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity

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