Friday, June 29, 2012

Parachute June

The latest logo design: falling in a computer screen near you!
Hey there blog readers! I did the above mini revamp of my logo two weeks ago (some may have noticed) and I am still tending to favour the fun colours of blues with a tinge of light orange/beige to represent my blog. This is despite my blank, serious face and probably unapproachable exterior as demonstrated here: :|

For drawing I tend to draw fun and silly amidst all the human studies anyway (:

Perhaps my art slogan should be "the clash of cute & serious".

My blog looks a little different too with the heading and navigation buttons, and the parachute follows you as you scroll down so it looks like it's floating down with you. (:

Unlike the previous month, the page is filled this time! Sort of.

Erm...just added tintin and snowy there in the middle as I just finished the whole series of books minus the first two.

Haven't got much human studies to post this month as I had exams, didn't have as much train rides, got attacked with a painful cold at the moment (zombiefied more like it) and other things this month to sort out.

Namely getting my mindset in order as at the moment it's stuck in a negative sad pit and I know I can't ignore it forever. Probably why I draw lighthearted positive themed drawings mostly; trying to keep it positive for myself and for others (if any). Still am learning more about myself and currently it's that I should stop deliberating, planning, preparing and actually do stuff and then plan as I go instead as that actually works out better for me.

Old habits die hard though but enough text and frustration towards myself.
Actions are better than words in the end.

Anyway, in the distant future I am considering live streaming/broadcasting when am I brave enough/ready enough where I digitally draw something and I will post details regarding when I do these on my twitter/facebook art page.

Just come over for a chat while I tackle drawing when it happens.

Don't know if I should do it via Livestream or Ustream; any recommendations? I think I'll go for ustream as apparently it's better for viewers with less intrusive ads and no viewer limit. Or that's what I've read, you tell me otherwise! But upon trying ustream, it's really difficult to use and get it working. Livestream it is for now then.

Perhaps I'd chicken out or perhaps no one will be watching anyway (anyone actually interested in seeing a novice at work with nothing entertaining to say?) but I'm essentially doing it to keep myself on task for any difficult or tedious things.

As said in previous posts earlier in the year, I hope to start a long running comedic comic of some kind. At the moment, I haven't really got a full story developed yet and only in the brainstorming/'things in the air' stage. I've made characters and developed them but then I've scrapped them...so making characters before having a fully developed story I've learned isn't advisable!

Or maybe it's a case of hating what you've created and struggling to create a story that's "original" so to speak. That and the frustrating writer's block.

Last minute scanned drawings though:

Hair studies

Eh, not happy with these

Click on it to see it bigger and to read it
Don't know why I started drawing zombie teachers and the Balloonicorn from Team Fortress 2 but "Meet the Pyro" video came out yesterday and it was disturbing, brilliantly mix of insanity + amusement, showed how innocence can result in evil and kept the ambiguity in Pyro's gender (watch it first before clicking on the two spoiler links that follow) and as a result this song "Do you Believe in Magic" by The Lovin' Spoonful keeps playing in my mind!

And now there's the Pyroland update! Now we can all see the magic (illusion) in-game! If you're new to Team Fortress 2, watch the other "Meet the XXX" short movie series here even if you don't play the free game.

Note this is the closest thing to a First Person Shooter game I occasionally play; I'm actually not good at FPS games and I'm no fan of gory, graphic violent games. But I find TF2 makes it fun with all the cartoony hilarity, the distinct classes and abilities/personalities each character has and "doing whatever comes to mind based on previous experience" and "keep trying new things/tactics/classes" are my current philosophies when playing. There's no intense pressure to do everything right or suffer extreme consequences so making mistakes and dying a lot (what I'm good at unfortunately) somehow doesn't matter hugely here as long as you're having fun and doing your best. My Steamid here if you got steam too and if we know each other well enough.

To more improvement in the coming months!!

Thanks for reading and for the support! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated!
Until next time, UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity
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