Watercolor Practice: Internal Bleeding

Practice: Internal Bleeding

Beauty on the outside, torture from the inside.

Watercolour Practice directly based on one of the tutorials here: VIR2L-ARTSTUDENT.COM
Check it out! A lot of techniques, they’re professionals but they’re using expensive tools, paper and stuff. They go from Drawing, Pastels, Acrylics and Watercolour video tutorials! No, I don’t get paid for this plug.

I’ve been using cheapo stuff and it still looks alright I think. It’s just not as vivid as theirs. Layering helps a bit.

Though the watercolour LEAKED so I compromised and made it bloody. hurhur
I ran out of orange and argh…watercolours run out so fast…and watercolour paper is expensive…advice on these would be great!
Yes, still learning!