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Please ensure you get many more perspectives than my own. These might be outdated [see when they were published] and are just my experiences. 

Your journey is your own...full of possibilities! I just enjoy reflecting about things as a life long learner and perhaps people might find some of these helpful. I don't claim to know everything! (:



    THE Entertainment/Games INDUSTRY 

    INTROVERT ADVENTUUURES (Introvert Burp Edition)

    What is this Hermit Burpcast?

      It's my first podcast that ran 12 episodes during 2015.
      The Hermit Burpcast included:  
      • Verbal rambling on Art & the Creative life
      • Storytime, Reflection & Q&A
      My main aim was to talk and interact more about life & creative topics. Get better at talking mostly, perhaps boost other creative people and have my rambly silly fun with it. 

      It's available at this YouTube playlist here
      via its old name on iTunes 
      also downloadable + show notes through this blog!

      It's not running anymore because I felt that it was time for an indefinite break.
      I further elaborate & celebrate my experience in my final episode here

      What's LeonieTalks? BurpTalk

      It used to be a Twitter for auto YouTube video updates where I play games and do video logs!

      Now I don't do many videos anymore but when I can, I'll still hashtag things as #LeonieTalks, #LeoniePlays, #LeonieArts and so on (:

      In its earlier forms, it used to be part of this art blog as "Other Hermit Burp Adventures", the Hermit Burpcast as "Leonie Talks about Gamesfor a while, used to have its own BurpTalk Tumblr and I used to tweet random shenanigans on it about entertainment. :0 

      This is a work in progress page so if you have looked through these and you still have some questions for me, shoot me a short and clear message! :D