Character Designer, Games Artist & Illustrator
Introspective, quiet, keen question asker.
Introverted, silly, hermit bear cat. 
From Melbourne, Australia

My old Portfolio
if you'd like an art commission to work on a project together!

Leonie's Philosophy & Mission: Fun, Progress, Grit + Love & Kindness

I believe in these three words:

Fun expressing your voice and creativity, exploring, experimenting, 
experiencing, playing, enjoying, creating, designing, making stories, 
taking on challenges, being positive, problem solving, being silly, 
doodling, laughing at yourself, doing things because you want to, 
cherishing & living in the moment and...adventuuuring!

Progress = learning, working towards mastery at your craft, reflecting, 
improving, surrounding yourself with supportive, honest and likeminded friends, 
taking responsibility for your choices, doing what you believe in, trying things, 
celebrating the journey, evolving as a better person and friend, staying open minded,
embracing your strengths and weaknesses, not obsess with results or destination,
not worry about perfection, working at your goals/possibilities and getting it done to the best to your ability,
and being respectful of yourself & taking care of yourself.

Grit = having determination & independence, getting the work done, 
striving for opportunities, having the courage & confidence in yourself, 
learning and owning up from mistakes, expecting the unexpected, 
facing your fears, rejections, constraints, obstacles and disappointments with resilience, 
being fierce, consistent and reliable through thick and thin, push comfort zones, 
acting with integrity to yourself & others, belief in yourself,
allow yourself to process your feelings then pick yourself up again, 
and pushing through towards your ambitious dreams!

With these three words in mind, I strive to intentionally design, problem solve and communicate meaningful and character-focused visual storytelling for awesome projects! I want to do my part to stir up mood, atmosphere and complex emotions within people. Learning towards this goal to be a Visual Developer for projects! 

To create beautiful, whimsical, fun, silly, believable and wondrous characters and worlds built upon strong artistic foundation and even thought-provoking narrative. To push personal boundaries together with the people I work with and as part of the creative community.

Added Love and Kindness with people in my life & to myself as well! 
Learning! <3
I grow and learn as an artist as I do the following, mainly: 
  • studying, personal projects & posting BurpDoodles
  • arting with the incredible Mighty Games team
  • reflecting at this blog the 1st Friday of every two months,
  • SuperListenMode comics as I learn socialising & dealing with feelings  
Sometimes I:
  • freelance on cool things during my spare time (let me know if you're keen)!
  • collaborate to make amazing things with cool people,
  • ramble about games, life & art through LeonieTalks   
Briefly I was a Mathematics & I.T. high school teacher because I was conditioned that it was the "secure" thing to do. Now I've broken away from that conditioning, I'm committed as a lifelong professional artist. A list of projects with their relevant blog posts lives at the sidebar of this blog. Or you can go to my little ol' Resume.

Main Blog's mission: Regular Art & Reflection

To document and reflect on my art adventuuures. Every 2 months.
A regular, comprehensive, frank and reflective learning log aka my Online Home & Playground. (:

Essentially I blog for my own sake but I hope this monthly blog offers insight into the ups and downs, mundane and hectic times, surprises and frustrations, mistakes and discoveries of my art & personal learning journey and that people find hope, belief and drive within themselves to follow their own evolving dreams and goals with no regrets.

I really, really enjoy blogging not to mention getting constructive feedback! Meeting new like-minded friends would be a welcome bonus! 

I write as if I was talking to a good friend or to myself, rather than loads of people or the internet public. 
I am the same in person; I prefer to engage one person at a time. The reality is that I'm really writing to myself and people don't actually interact with me about this blog :')

Each time I discover someone I know actually reading it or even respectfully interacting with me due to my blog - it's always a sweet surprise, encouraging and quite heartwarming. In person, I would be stunned and awkward but incredibly grateful!

Thanks for looking at my little blog, you. (:

Socially Quiet and Pretty Cool about it!

Always the curious learner, I'm socially a quiet and introverted hermit by nature while being the lurking, introspective Miss Type-a-lot online.

Whether it be online or in person, I enjoy connecting on a deeper level with people on an individual basis! 

As much as I push my comfort zone, try some fun spontaneous things and practice conversational skills, I have a social stimulation quota - my energy gets drained fast from social stimulation and I function as a zombie if I don't get some recovery/rest breaks to myself. Hence I often tend to be the avid listener and observer (perhaps with a "deadpan-energy-conserving-resting" face) whenever I'm mingling with groups at large events and crowds. And I just stay away from committing to things if I'm not feeling it. Late night crowded drinking environments aren't my thing.

I fare much better at low key, quieter social situations so I can better build upon and warm up to people. Arguably I'm a turtle; you can't force or rush these things. ;)

Life is an adventuuure!

That said, I am a hermit-y homebody by choice and at heart. 
At least at the moment. 

Someday I hope to experience more fun things, go places and meet more people! 

All rights reserved and all works in my blog and gallery are copyrighted ©2005-2018 Leonie Yue unless otherwise stated.