Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Inktober BurpDoodle: New Haircut!!

Inktober BurpDoodle: New Haircut!!
Now all my SLM comics are outdated with my old, longer hair. 
The classy, stylish Ariel [check out her workwas the only one who complimented my haircut disaster yesterday so thank you again; it means a lot! ^o^ <3

I hurt my finger a bit and ruined my jumper cutting my own hair though :<
This is the first time I've ever cut it this short since highschool and it's pretty refreshing to not worry as much about hair grooming and my head feels lighter!! :D 

Currently using ballpoint & highlighters as I'm too scared to use my more fancy, expensive stuff. I'm just doing Inktober in an attempt to recover from my creative burnout and push my comfort zone in little baby steps :'(

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