Friday, September 14, 2018

SuperListenMode: Fifth Wheel Rolling Away Again

SuperListenMode: Fifth Wheel Rolling Away Again!
Well it's what I do when I'm around people in relationships :')
Appreciate their lovely bond and let them do their thing. 
Super lovely to see glimpses of though.

Maybe I'll experience being in a lovely relationship myself one day but I'd rather avoid being an extra for too long. I feel like I'm in the way with any impromptu or potential intimate moments. Like an intruder. It's real life, not a movie!

Or I end up just talking to the one person I know better. 

I'm super awkward like that :<

Hey you know I'd prefer to deal with people individually and get to know them that way better first. When there's already an existing closer bond, I see them as a solid social unit rather than individual people...if that makes sense. 

And I'm not sure who to talk to and focus on :')