Friday, September 28, 2018

SuperListenMode: Low Hanging Fruit

SuperListenMode: Low Hanging Fruit
It's easy to be lazy, bring yourself down, hesitate, overthink, criticise, shame, procrastinate and give up to avoid failure.
Many important things in life take much more effort, focus, self care and purpose to reach, habitualise and practice as part of a life long learning journey.

Your stack of boxes is probably different. 
At the moment, some of these are mine.
Others are for example and as reminders for me.
I'll leave it up for interpretation ;)

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

SuperListenMode: But who are you though?!

SuperListenMode: But who are you though?!
"So how are things going with you blah blah..." 
Um...I still don’t know who you are...incredibly uncomfortable now!! Let me out of this situation!!
"...You still don’t know who I am?"

Monday, September 24, 2018

SuperListenMode: Marshmallow Dragon Leonie

SuperListenMode: Marshmallow Dragon Leonie 

Gotta bulk up with layers at home because heaters are a luxury expense ;P 
Super cold in the house.

But as someone of the Year of the Dragon, I get to breathe out smoke fumes whenever I exhale into the cold air ;)

I'm a Dragon at last!! ^o^ Pooof!


PS: I still don't have a phone set up since two weekends ago, waiting for something to come in the mail so...comment at the blog itself instead or email me for now :') Not having a phone and no social media at all continues!

Friday, September 21, 2018

SuperListenMode: Picky on Entertainment Consumption

SuperListenMode: Picky on Entertainment Consumption
At best I read the summary of a movie/book, read up on the development and lyrics of a song or watch a playthrough of a game just to satisfy my curiosity ;) Figure out if it's worth my time and meaningful to me. 

Sometimes I give something a chance, or have company to experience it with. Either I had a good entertaining journey or I feel mixed, start analysing its execution and intention and listen to the opinions of those more articulate and intelligent than I am to expand my understanding. 

"But you're supposed to experience it by watching/reading/playing!! What are you doing??"

Hey, most things aren't interesting enough to experience it for myself when compared to learning and making art, relaxing with streams or spending time with kind peeps ;D

I love watching people play long games, RPGs, JRPGs and story driven games because I don't usually have the time, desire, skill or patience to play them myself anymore ;____; 
Laziest way to experience a game - I'm just there for the story while the streamer experiences it :D 

One day I might try playing them again but we'll see.
There's some Switch games I'm actually interested to try! 
I'll eventually go back to reading my collection of real and digital books too!


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

SuperListenMode: You Got This!

SuperListenMode: You Got This!
Because we all need encouragement to keep going when things feel tough, hopeless and overwhelming. It happens every now and then.
It'll be okay <3

Even if you don't believe it yet. 
This is growing and learning pains. 
Take things in stride.
Take some time away to relax.
You will find your way and pick yourself up.
Things will get better.

Keep doing what you believe in and do your best!!
Stay kind and brave. <3

"You got this" is my awkward attempt at encouragement, without being invasive and presumptuous ;P

Yes I'm reminding myself too as with all my comics...I'm working on it :')


Monday, September 17, 2018

SuperListenMode: Embracing the Forever Alone meme

SuperListenMode: Embracing the Forever Alone Meme
When you don't fit in, even with people.
When you don't want to do what the majority is doing - you get sidelined.
Probably it's because I'm a cold, reserved, low energy, scared, boring jerk :')

That and I don't think I need to speak up, people forget I'm around and consequently I am a ghost. As much as I know I shouldn't feel this way, be so harsh on myself and make myself as small as possible. Hey it's my fault. 

Yes pushing one's comfort zone and going with the flow to bond with others is very important! I am super grateful for any invitations to social things too!

It means kind people remember I exist! <3

Friday, September 14, 2018

SuperListenMode: Fifth Wheel Rolling Away Again

SuperListenMode: Fifth Wheel Rolling Away Again!
Well it's what I do when I'm around people in relationships :')
Appreciate their lovely bond and let them do their thing. 
Super lovely to see glimpses of though.

Maybe I'll experience being in a lovely relationship myself one day but I'd rather avoid being an extra for too long. I feel like I'm in the way with any impromptu or potential intimate moments. Like an intruder. It's real life, not a movie!

Or I end up just talking to the one person I know better. 

I'm super awkward like that :<

Hey you know I'd prefer to deal with people individually and get to know them that way better first. When there's already an existing closer bond, I see them as a solid social unit rather than individual people...if that makes sense. 

And I'm not sure who to talk to and focus on :')


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

SuperListenMode: "I’m your replacement sent by Cyberlife"

SuperListenMode: "I’m your replacement sent by Cyberlife"
Whenever I read about AI making art through Machine Learning, 
I think: "what's the point of making art anymore" :') 
Yes made voxel art for this #DetroitBecomeHuman joke ;P

Monday, September 10, 2018

SuperListenMode: Little Social Life

SuperListenMode: Little Social Life
Not even online! :(

The downside of taking social media breaks and not doing much social things...it gets too quiet :') Have no idea what I'm missing out. Knowing it's going to take awhile to catch up and sadly learn what I've missed out when I get unblocked every now and then. You remember how the world keeps going on without you. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

SuperListenMode: I didn't make this

SuperListenMode: I didn't make this
When people think you did something amazing.
Noooo I take no credit! It's not meeeee!

I haven't done anything as noteworthy! :')

So...thanks for indirectly kicking my art butt! I got so much to learn!

Inspired by Nedroid/Anthony Clark's old famous comic that sprouted the I made this meme.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

SuperListenMode: But I *was* at home

SuperListenMode: But I *was* at home

When a Coward calls out another Coward. Or maybe they were lazy.

It doesn't happen too much anymore as postal peeps are usually doing okay at their jobs. That said, we make sure someone is present for the delivery. Because we don't trust them that much ;P

But there was a time where deliveries kept getting "missed". 
They ghosted and promptly dumped the note instead.
Then I had to travel on a bus early in the morning on a Saturday to collect it. 

One instance, when I was collecting a package, I was sick...and a man walking with his dog asked me if I was okay. 
I was feeling faint. Sleepy. 
Was trying to keep consciousness.
Walking slowly. Trying to not fall over.
Forced to collect a package on my own over the weekend.
My nose was visibly running. 
I was struggling to hold onto this huge box I collected that is half of my height.
With my infamous old backpack on.   
I was rushing to catch my bus.

I missed my bus.

I told him I was not. 


Monday, September 3, 2018

SuperListenMode: It happens

SuperListenMode: It happens

I mean if they keep avoiding eye contact with you, actively keeping away, not interacting and not talking to you then it's pretty clear. Not a one-off thing that I can brush off. [I'm not calling out on anyone...this is part of socialising.]

Consequently, I feel like I'm the problem.