Wednesday, July 11, 2018

SuperListenMode: "What do you do" Conversations

SuperListenMode: "What do you do" Conversations

Non industry peeps usually look at me confused while I'm too used to talking to people who know what I'm talking about :')

I used to make marketing art...? 
I make art you see in those games?

Shooty Skies? Crossy Road? Disney Crossy Road? Framed 2? 

Uh...some things I can't talk about yet?!

It hurt to say "Candy Crush" as it's my feeble attempt to connect with someone .___.

I don't know how to answer this question on what art I do exactly :(

Maybe I should just say I make comics as that's easier. Niche too.
Plus you're reading them right now.

Then again I don't make comics for a living, admission has been free ;P

I make these comics for myself and my silly feelings.
*puts on sunglasses indoors with tears running down my face*