Wednesday, June 6, 2018

SuperListenMode: Improv Class Episode 5a

SuperListenMode: Improv Class Episode 5a

I was terrible at acting but it felt real in my imagination ;)

Had NO idea what an arrogant barista is like when I know that they're just any other person :0 Had to actively stop being self conscious while other people were embracing it. Then there was making up accusations and responding to them...pretending things I'm not! D: 

A lot of stopping myself from judging myself & overthinking as usual in this imaginary silly playground of Improv.

Oh...someone knew I used to be a sad teacher and gave someone else that role to perform. I knew you were put on the spot [I understand] but I know what you did! Hurts as it felt too real. Seeing how someone else would pretend to be an "awkward teacher". It's probably how my own students back then saw me...incompetent and incoherent :')