Friday, February 2, 2018

Two Year Mighty Games Anniversary & Four Years of BurpBlogging - Reflecting on 2017 & Melbourne Global Game Jam 2018 // Curling into an Art Posting Ghost on Social Media 2018 [NOV&DEC2017+JAN2018]

Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

Finally back to blogging!
Bunched it all up! It's 2018 but I'm recapping the end of 2017 too :D 

Super long and rambly and personal so...go away ;)

Decided to make it every two months instead of monthly.
Super super long from now on.
I don't care how long it is now...plus it usually scares people off ;)
Most people don't want to read things. Especially not long ones.
Think of it as 2 chapters of my book of my life within a blog post!

I actually cut out some topics too for next time ;)

A lot of personal stuff below as I unwind and reflect about everything. 
Gosh! Avert your eyes!

And the Melbourne Global Game Jam of course!

    Let's go! Journal Time.

    The Yodeling Pickle Family
    Melbourne Global Game Jam Art Shenanigans :0