Friday, November 10, 2017

OCT2017: Melbourne International Games Week 2017 Edition: GCAP & PAXAus + Doing a GCAP Talk + Nanojam3 + Gratitude

Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

So apparently 20 and then later 50 total peeps skimmed/looked at last month's blog post when I've been usually getting 100+ for each! I was a bit sad when I had 20 for a handful of weeks, but I *am* doing these blog posts for me so eh! 

As much as it feels odd/new to me in the odd sudden large decline, I've had these numbers before in the early years. I don't care too much. I've moved on now ;D

Anyhoo I really do appreciate you that you could find the time ;)
Just highlighting the fact that there's not many of you who do read! ❤ 

Even 100 "views" isn't that much when it comes to a 6 year old blog. 
It's still a wonderful small ninja kind of an audience though (:

[I had to disable comments on this blog so I can manage my time better, but feel free to tweet at me instead].

Note italics are copied posts from the past!

    Let's go! Journal Time.