Friday, June 2, 2017

"Changing careers is Normal, Growth & Regrets" Personal Storytime Edition with not much art [MAY2017]

Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

Been incredibly busy but I have not much art and stuff to show this month since I'm taking an indefinite break from BurpDoodles and I've been busy freelancing too on top of Mighty work. :S

I feel both sad and glad that I'm taking some time to reflect...what am I doing!!

    Let's go go go! Journal Time.

    Guess what I played? ;D
    This game is SO fun and I was flailing my arms everywhere and getting my own arms tangled but I had no idea what my arms were doing - I was too focused on WINNING. My bro was laughing at me.

    The only mode I don't like in the Testfire is Volleyball. But all else is pretty sweet! Intense, short and engaging gameplay with the joycons! It's a lot of carefully reading what the other people are doing before you get trapped into a corner. It was GLORIOUS when I trapped someone into a corner and completely attacked them until I won ;D Yes I lost some too because I was so slow and wasn't careful with how I used my ARMS but the fun part is that I tried! ^o^

    I hate playing as Helix...too weird for me at the moment. I played Master Mummy, Minmin, Spring Man a lot. I haven't figured out Ribbon girl. The ninja due was mehhhh for me. Looking forward to playing the other characters! :D