Friday, April 7, 2017

VectorBurpQuest 5, Beauty and the Beast Studies, Shooty Skies Comic, Blocking myself from Social Media more & Breath of the Wild Zelda Spoiler Rambles so far [MAR2017]

Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

Here's another infamously long blog post ;D

Get comfortable! A pleasure to have your company. ^o^

Whether you're invisible or imaginary! But imagining that you're here gives me temporary warm fuzzies at least! Someone reads these! GASP! :')

    Let's go together! Journal Time.

    Aloy on Confidence from Horizon: Zero Dawn
    I loved this quote because I relate...either I'm silent because I'm not confident (which is most of the time) or that I am confident but I want to prove it by doing than talking :0

    I watched a lot of this game as I worked and I finished it!! :D She's becoming quite a dry sassy lady as she goes along the journey and not someone gaping at all the novel things around her anymore as she explores the world.
    Really pretty game and predictable but solid narrative.

    Spoiler thoughts later down below after the Breath of the Wild Spoiler Ramble section! :D

    The Past Month: Social Media Posts Recap (Extended)!
    Rambling and experience on taking more Social Media Breaks
    Life Lessons & Reminder Notes to Self this Month
    SuperListenMode Twitter Account Afterword
    LeonieTalks, what do I do?!
    Getting lectured by my Doctor about being an Artist
    Legend of Zelda Spoiler Ramble so far (not even close to finishing the game yet)!
    Horizon Zero Dawn Spoiler Talk